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Working With Colour

As with all focus tools colour plays an important role.   Colour as we perceive it and the meanings related to each colour are usually found in some dictionary or encyclopaedia somewhere. 

It should be realised though, that although these colours have prescribed meanings or relations, it is the mediums perception of that colour that is important.   For example; you as a medium during a reading may perceive the colour ‘Red’ to be anger, while the meaning given by the ‘book’ might be energy.    Green may be balance to you while the book tells you its advice.   (These are only examples, not factual).   Again I have to state that it is what the mediums perception is of that colour that counts.

Some mediums use colour as a link to different things, people or spirit.   When you get a ribbon reading, (where you select a number of different coloured ribbons and the medium will read those ribbons in the order that you selected them.)   Obviously the mediums reading will not be the same reading of that colour for one person as it is for another, so their perception of that colour may have changed slightly for a different persons reading.   During this type of reading, the medium uses these ribbons only as a focus tool. 

Of course they are many shades within each colour and at times these shades will show themselves to you and as they do your perception of the initial colour will place some bearing on what you report.

Once your spirit guide has established what each colour means to you, they will then continue to use them in that particular way, only the shadings will change.

Colour is wonderful, it can bring with it the greatest joys the most wonderful of memories but it can also bring deepest of sorrows.   You will also inevitably find that colours are linked to symbolism and of course flowers.


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