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White Feather Events

Robert and Amanda will be holding other events as shown on the posters.  (When I receive them) But, for more information please contact Ropert and Amanda via the White Feather website:

Don't forget that all White Feathers Teachings' Books are available from Robert through his website.

White Feather in Denmark

Robert Goodwin and White Feather, recently did a tour of Denmark.   Here is an address he gave there followed by some Questions and Answers:

White Feather in Denmark PDF 

White Feather Questions and Answers

To access any of these question and answer, pages just click on the title and open the page.   Thank you.

1.     Guiding Lights   

2.     Reincarnation   

3.     Loss of a Son:    

4.     A Troubled Mind: 

5.     Hidden Agenda's:    

6.     Aura & Life Energies  

7.     Suffering and Innocence  

8.     Spirit Guides and Development:   

White Feather Philosphy

To read any of these philosophy files please just click on the title and open the page.   Thank you.     

1.     The Discerning Mind    

2.     Service - Passport of the Soul    

3.     Knowledge, Sensitivity and Belief        

4.     Peace       

5.     Aspirations    

6.    Aura and Life Energies  

7.    Symbolism and Language  

8.    Spiritual Gifts, Reincarnation & Service    

Teachings From White Feather


I met Robert Goodwin some years ago at one of his Trance Demonstrations in my local Spiritualist Church.  This was a unique demonstration for me, because I had never a seen a trance demonstration like this before.   Other mediums who  I have seen working in the trance state, have started with some philosophy from the main guide, then moved through to another guide, usually one who brings a great deal of laughter to the proceedings and finishes with one who asks for questions, and then back to the main guide to close the proceedings.            I know there are others who work the way Robert works with White Feather, but I hadn't come across one of them at that particular time. 


What  impressed me more with White Feather was, the speed in which the reply came.   There was no pondering or thought about the answers, the response was immediate.   The only time, and I stress the only time, that there is a pause, is when White Feather needs clarification as to the question, which is usually as a result of the way it has been put to him .


When I started the Magazine, The Voice Box, (No longer in production). I asked Robert if I could use some of the material out of one of his books "Answers for an Enquiring Mind".   To my great delight he agreed, and those teachings, were from that time on, a valuable asset to my magazine, and now this site.   Robert has also been a strong supporter of this site, even though he has his own site.

All of Whitefeathers Teaching books, including his latest book, "The Collected Wisdom of White Feather" (below), can be purchased from Robert at:

RA Associates, 21 Whinchat Grove,Kidderminster, Worcs DY10 4TH , making cheques payable to R.A.  Associates.  (Book Prices are available on White Feathers Website; Please include package and postage of £1.50 per book.   Thank You.  

The work of White Feather and his medium Robert Goodwin reflects the transformation of consciousness and the arising of a more enlightened humanity that is taking place. For we live in times of great upheaval and change in which the forces of truth and ignorance are seeking ascendency upon the earth. Whilst the media machine spins a web of illusion, fed by those who seek to control the minds of all upon this planet, a deeper awareness is beginning to surface within the collective consciousness of man, drawing him ever closer to his true spiritual nature and the wisdom contained therein. In addition to supporting White Feather and the dissemination of his teaching, we are committed and dedicated to serving the new consciousness and the awakening of all humans on the planet. Deep beneath the external form of what we do, and behind the confines of this website, lies our true purpose - bringing to all seekers a realisation of their latent divinity and the awesome power that lies within. We are totally committed to this cause and our work will not cease until the enemy of ignorance is defeated and the light of truth shines within the hearts of all.The truth lies ever within. Never accept anything, from any source unless it feels right within your heart. At this moment in the continuum we call time, mankind stands at the crossroads of captivity or ultimate freedom. The choice is ours, but the informed mind will always choose the highest good.


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