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Types of Mediumship

Types of Mediumship:

There are a number of ways that mediums interpret the information sent to them, and not all mediums work the same way or have the same gifts.



 Clear Seeing               Vision in the mind pictures.

 Clairvoyance is the ability of being able to 'see' pictures, places, objects and colours sent from the spirit world.   It is this particular gift that allows mediums to describe those they communicate with.   This will also include symbolic images, which are visual clues from the communicating spirit.



 Clear Hearing             Hearing the voices of spirit people.

 Clairaudience is the mediums gift of hearing spirit voices, remembering of course that this is still an interpretation.   They, for example, hear a voice in their ear, but it is also possible to hear by thought.   Accents, age, tone and speed are all detectable.



 Feeling                                    Being able to sense feelings

 Clairsentience is the art of sensing and feeling the impressions of spirit, especially of letting the medium know how they passed.   For example; they may be sent a sensation of pain around their heart area that might indicate the communicating spirit died of a heart attack.   Pressure or breathing difficulty to the chest may also show a breathing problem, even joint pains can be felt.   They can even include how the spirit person felt, emotions like euphoria, fear, panic or well-being can be interpreted.



 Smell                                      Scents associated with people in spirit

 Clairoma is yet another way for spirit to help us to recognise them, everything from 'Cigar smoke' to 'Smelly Feet'   Different smells may link a spirit person to his job when on earth, further establishing their identity.      



 Channel                                  A Spirit communicating directly through the medium

 Trance or channel mediums work very differently to any other of the above skills.   The communicating spirit uses the medium's vocal chords to speak directly with whoever is present with the medium.   (See handout on 'Trance).