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Ena Twig - Physical Medium




Ena Twigg – Physical Medium


Ena Twigg was born in Kent, England on 6 January 1914.


Ena was reportedly born into a family of sensitives.   Both her parent and her siblings had mediumship abilities.   At the tender age of seven years she used to play with her invisible friends the spirit children, which she affectionately called the “Misty People”.   At fourteen she accurately predicted the death of her father and during World War Two, she again accurately predicted the safe return of her husband from Active Service.


Ena became one of Britain’s most respected mental and physical mediums.   Her survival evidence given during séances, and too many famous clients, which included King’s and Queen’s, as well as Lords and Ladies, Prime Ministers, American Senators and many more, was considered excellent and beyond doubt.


Ena was the first Spiritualist Minister ever, to be featured on a regular BBC religious program in the 1960’s and was the only woman ever allowed to speak at Southwalk Cathedral.  


Some respected member of the clergy documented her spirit messages; which during her life provided much evidence of an afterlife and reincarnation.


After a serious illness, spirit visitors assured her that she would be restored to full health, and when she eventually regained her full health she decided that she would devote her life to helping others, eventually opening her own healing clinic.



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