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Trumpet Direct Voice

Direct Voice: is usually by use of a trumpet or megaphone.   This is a cylindrical tube, fatter at one end which would be the horn, and thinner at the other where the voice would enter.   It can be made from metal, paper or card and with to-days technology can be made from very thin veneer wood.   At each end there is usually painted a phosphorous band that will light up in the dark.   (Some circles advocate running water through the trumpet prior to a sitting, although this would be difficult if you are using Paper or Card and even Wood.)


Spirit operatives concentrate power within the trumpet and produce a replica of the human larynx that spirit communicators use to speak through, the voice being amplified by the megaphone.   By the use of ectoplasmic rods from the medium, the trumpet is directed round the room by spirit operators, sometimes at great speed and can stop instantaneously within millimetres of a persons face to give a message.   The phosphorous bands make it possible for all the sitters in the room to see the location of the trumpets at all times.   They will travel with ease from floor to ceiling in an instant and then dart to the other side of the room to touch, very gently, someone in the circle.   A feat impossible for us in daylight, never mind  the darkness of a seance room.


The voices that are heard through the trumpet may sound a bit hollow but are usually recognisable.

Independant Direct Voice

Independant Direct Voice:   has to be one of  the most exciting forms of physical mediumship.   Where the power is strong enough the spirit operators may be able to build an ectoplasmic Voice Box, either in mid air and on the person of the medium, usually at the side of the neck or on the shoulder.   When it is in mid air, which is what they ultimately strive for, the voices that come through can be heard by all in the room and usually some way away from the place where the medium is sitting.


As the name suggests, the voices are completely independant of the medium and are activated directly by the Spirit communicators.   The voices heard will be almost identical to their voices before passing to spirit.


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