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What is Transfiguration?

The masking of the human being by spirit operators, where all those present should be able to see the changes to the mediums face by the spirit operators for the purpose of recognition.

How is the masking completed?

It is completed by the spirit helpers of the medium, with a substance that is drawn from the medium known as ‘Ectoplasm’.   This ectoplasmic mask is placed in front of the mediums face, and is usually about an inch or two from the face.   The spirit that wishes to make their presence known and transfigure the medium, pushes their face into the ectoplasm, the ectoplasm then moulds to that face showing those watching the image of the spirit wishing to be seen.   The ‘Mask’ is never touching the face of the medium and remains a distance away from it.   If you were able to view this mask in profile, you would see a definite gap between the mask and the face of the medium.

Can you speak to the Spirit and get replies?

No, that requires a ‘trance’ state.   The purpose of transfiguration is to enable the spirit to show itself.   The medium is not in trance, only in an altered state of relaxation, which is all that is required for transfiguration.   It is usually done in a dimmed or subdued red light, with the light facing upwards from the floor and shining up under the mediums chin.   Often during a public demonstration of transfiguration, many people can be seen to move in and out again in very quick succession.   Many are recognisable as well known entities such as; Lord Nelson, Abraham Lincoln and Queen Victoria and so on.   An open cabinet is helpful as this can help with the containment of the energies.   It should also be made of black material which is helpful from a viewing point.


Note:   It has been said, (by Spirit entities) that the ectoplasm that is used for transfiguration is a different mix of ectoplasm to that which is used in the séance room for materialisation etc. This is due to the fact that light is required for transfiguration work, more so than for physical mediumship in the séance room which is carried out in the dark.