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Trance is a condition of what would appear to be sleep or an unconsciousness, in which the mind of the body is liable to possession by a spirit entity.   Possession is probably the wrong word to use, but it is descriptive of what the trance state succumbs to.   An explanation of trance is best given by those who have succumbed to it.


For example, Mrs Leanora Piper describes it as:  "I feel as if something were passing over my brain, making it numb; a sensation similar the that experienced was I was etherised, only the unpleasent odor of the ether in absent.   I feel a little cold too, not very, just a little, as if a cold breeze passed over me, and people and objects become smaller until the finally disappear; then I know nothing, until I wake up."


DD Homes testified before the Dialectical Committee that, "I feel for two or three minutes, in a dreamy state, then I become quite dizzy, and then I loose all consciousness.   When I awake I find my feet and limbs cold, and it is difficult to restore the circulation." 


Eglington said of his experiences; "I seem to be no longer of this earth.   A most ecstatic feeling came over me, and I presently passed into trance."


"I feel cold and shivering," stated Mrs Mellon, "a sensation as of water running down my back, noise in my ears, and a feeling as if I were sinking down into the earth; then I loose consciousness.


These are just examples of how different mediums have described their move into the trance state.   You may notice that they are different from one to the other, so from this we must conclude that no two mediums move into the trance state in the same way, we must assume therefore, that it is up to your own personal guide, to the way in which they move you into and out of the trance state.


It should be pointed out at this time that there are varying degrees of trance.  From light trance when you may just be overshadowed for giving philosophy, to a deeper trance when the guide takes over and will usually give in depth and meaningful  answers to questions asked.    These answers would be far beyond the normal evolvement of the mediums knowledge.    So not all trance mediums go into the deep state of trance that is often required during physical mediumship, and even in this phenomenon, trance is not always a requirement.  This depends of the development of the medium and his circle of helpers.    Leslie Flint and Colin Fry are clear examples of this, during Independant Direct Voice Communication they were both wide awake and often joined in the conversations with the visiting spirit persons.


What is Transfiguration?


The masking of a human being by spirit operators, where all those present should, be able to see the changes made to the mediums face by the spirit operators for the purpose of recognition.  Transfiguration is sometimes called "Emotional Mediumship" because it is mostly relatives of those present who come forward.  


How is the masking completed?


It is completed by the spirit helpers of the medium, and the use of a substance drawn from the medium that is known as 'Ectoplasm.'   This ectoplasmic mask is placed in front of the mediums face, and is usually about an inch or two from the face.  When the spirit wishes to transfigure the medium, it pushes its face into the ectoplasm, the ectoplasm then molds to the face of the spirit, showing those watching the image of the spirit wishing to be seen.   The 'Mask' is never touching the face of the medium and remains a distance away from it.   If you were able to view it in profile you would see a definite gap between the mask and the face of the medium.


Can you speak to the Spirit entity and get replies?


No, that requires a trance state.   The purpose of transfiguration is to enable the spirit to show itself.   The medium is not in trance only in an altered state of relaxation, which is all that is required for transfiguration.   It is usually done in a subdued red light, with the light facing upwards from the floor and shining under the mediums chin.   Often during a public transfiguration demonstration, many people can be seen to move in and move out again in quick succession. Many are recognisable as well known entities such as Lord Nelson, Abraham Lincoln, Queen Victoria and so on.   An open cabinet is helpful, as this can help with the containment of energies, it should also be made with black material which is also helpful from a viewing aspect.


Note:   Contortions of the mediums face, unconscious or otherwise, should not be confused with transfiguration

Addendum:  There is one known exception to Tranfiguration being just a show of faces.   This was brought to my attention recently.   The medium concerned was Queenie Nixon.   During her transfigurations the spirit displaying themselves often spoke.   It seems that Queenie was out of her body at the time and in a deep trance state.   All were done in dimmed red light which was shone directly onto her face, and photographs were often taken.




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