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The Psychic Artist

      The Drawing of Spirit People by Mediums


Psychic art is perhaps one of the lesser known or practised of psychic skills, yet it remains one of the most fascinating.   Mediumship has many forms where by some mediums 'see' spirit while others hear them or sense them, then there are some mediums who are able to draw them!  Often the medium has no previous artistic talent, and perhaps it is this fact that makes these spirit portraits even more remarkable.

How does it work?

Psychic art is the reproduction of spirit people by drawing, painting, or non-conventional means.   Many modern day mediums will offer to tape a private sitting for you to take away with you, but how many can offer you a drawing?   Psychic artists will not only draw, with a considerable amount of accuracy, our relatives in spirit, but can also draw our spirit guides.   For some people who are just developing their gifts, this can be most important.

In essence there is room for all the psychic talents, and pictures are yet another way of proving the existence of life after death.   A psychic artist is a medium, and just as in clairvoyance or other mediumship, it needs to be attuned to the spirit world.

Many psychic artists are able to describe their communicators and may be able to pick up names and other details.  

Most psychic artists through the use of their mediumship skills, are able to create portraits of people in spirit, many use easels others just pads on their laps and the variety of things used to draw are non-ending, e.g. pencil, pastel, crayons, charcoal, water colour paints, acrylic paint and oil paint and in each of these items there are still more such as water colour pencils, different grades of pencil and charcoal even chalk can be used.   Sometimes a combination of more than one item could be used.   It all depends on what the medium feels drawn too and comfortable with.


As you progress, early scribbles will become sketches and as the link becomes stronger things become easier and your work becomes better.   What you must remember is that not everyone will get what they want.   What quite often happens is that the spirit communicator will not always present themselves as they were around the time of their passing.   Sometimes wishing to show a younger image of them selves, this can cause problems for the recipient of the drawing who may be unsure of whom the person portrayed is.   Quite often the information given will only make sense later, just as happens in any clairvoyant or psychic reading, only with the artist you have a picture to follow up your enquiries when you get home among family and friends.

For me the most famous psychic artists were the Bang sisters.   The sisters Elizabeth S and May E Bangs came from Chicago, Illinois.   Although most of their work would be placed under the banner of physical mediumship, it was unique in every aspect.

In public demonstrations they never actually touched the canvas, only sat on each side of it with the chosen member of the audience sitting in front of the canvas.   After a short while and in front of a full auditorium, all could see the formation of a picture taking place and when completed it would be a full colour portrait of a family member of the person sat in front of the canvas, who I might add, had been picked at random from the ticket number sold to them on entry.

The portrait would have the texture, off that of a butterfly's wings.   It has been said that these pictures actually change as time goes on, only slightly but change they do.   (It must be like having a picture from Harry Potters School 'Hogwarts' hanging on the wall.)  

The Bang sisters were very gifted mediums whose mediumship included, independent writing in broad daylight, independent drawing and painting, all forms of fully developed clairvoyance, materialisation and independent direct voice.   But their most wondrous and spectacular phenomena was that of precipitated spirit portraits in full colour.

As with all forms of mediumship, psychic art is no different and can only work with those who are willing to take the time to practice and allow that spirit contact or control to teach and guide you.   It's all a case of listening to your inner self.


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