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The Crystal Ball

First; what is a crystal ball?

Well as its name implies, it is a spherical smooth clear ball made of either quartz or glass.   Some say that it is better to use pure crystal because of its natural energies, but glass too is made up of natural materials, and good results can be made by the use of either.

There are many misconceptions about the crystal ball.   It is shrouded in mystery and folklore, and yet, it can be a wonderful means of communication and insight and both mediums and psychics are able to use the ball to enhance their skills.   (According to the dictionary, this is called crystal-gazing.)

Of course the ball itself is NOT magic, and the newcomer hopefully gazing into its depths are unlikely at first to see anything at all.   I am afraid like everything else it takes a great deal of patience and plenty of practice.

To put it into perspective, the crystal ball is another focus tool, as explained on page eight.   One however that will able the medium or psychic to create pictures in the crystal ball by focusing their mind, and in the case of mediums enabling spirit to create the pictures through the conscious mind of the medium.   Both the psychic and the medium will use the energies created by their client, (i.e. the person that they are giving the reading to),   who will by placing their hands on the crystal ball for a few moments, imprint their energies onto the crystal ball.   It is these energies that the medium or psychic is able to use for the reading.   It must be stressed that the crystal ball should be wiped clean after every reading; this removes any traces left after the last reading.   Like other crystals, your crystal ball should be cleansed every so often, a simple wash under a running coldwater tap will do this, it also helps to re-charge their own energy fields.   (See the section of crystal cleaning on page 26.)   It is also recommended that when not in use, that your ball is kept covered in a dark cloth, this prevents it absorbing any unwanted energies.

For anyone wishing to learn to use the crystal ball, there are some simple exercises they could try out.   First look into the ball and think of a flower.   Fix this image into your mind, and when you have it clearly, try to implant it into the crystal, it will take total concentration and practise, and when you have achieved the flower, try other things, like a favourite room, a place or a person, this will train your mind to see pictures in the ball and make it easier for you to give readings.   When you are confident enough, why not try it out on friends or family?   As with all things, the more you try the better you become, and what a wonderful way to help develop your clairvoyant and psychic abilities.

Once you have gained some experience in the technique of crystal gazing try out this exercise:



Crystal Gazing Exercise

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and, holding

                     your crystal in you hand, begin slow rhythmic breathing.   Focus

on what your problem is or what you want to know about.   As

you hold the crystal, feel it coming to life.   Imagine the electrical

energy within it growing stronger, helping to stimulate your psychic

vision.   Hold the crystal so that you can look into easily.   Do not

stare intently into it, just look at it with a soft gaze – the type of stare

you have when daydreaming.   Stay relaxed, and as you look into

the crystal  pay attention to its formation.   Turn the crystal slowly

in your hand so you can see how the light plays through it in different

ways.   As images begin to form, ask yourself what they mean to you.

Pay attention to the emotions you feel, and trust them.   When you

are ready, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and come back

to the here and now.


As previously stated, crystal gazing takes time and practise, and in time you will probably start to see clouds appearing and disappearing and images becoming clearer.   Eventually detailed scenarios may even start to appear in your crystal, leading to great psychic vision.


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