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The Aura

Do We Have an Aura

The human body with all its weaknesses and beauty emits a range of electro magnetic energies, as any scientist or biologist will confirm.   The Aura, as perceived by psychic and conventional means, extends from the body by some 2 – 3 feet in all directions.   The field also extends above the head and below the feet.


There are many ways in which we can view our world, the things in it and the people we meet.   There are also people who are sensitive to the particular energies that we all emit, the energies which we collectively call the “Aura”.   Using this psychic visual information these gifted psychics can read peoples health, character, disposition and use.

What do they look like?

Described by someone who is able to see auras, they appear translucent and colourful and not unlike the colours in a rainbow.   The colours can vary with each person, some bright and vivid while others can be dim and much more difficult to perceive.   The aura consists of various layers and can be seen as a cross section, like the growth rings of a tree trunk.   Viewing auras is as much a physical act as it is a psychic one.   Also the number of layers varying in density can represent the health, personality, mental and emotional state of the individual.   These bands of layers are also of different colours which give an indication of the persons well being.

Is a persons Aura constant, i.e. always the same?

There is a basic structure, which may be representative of an individual’s character, which remains fairly constant.   But as the Aura reflects our health, emotions and even our spirituality, these are of course subject to change.

Try it for yourself:

One of the more difficult psychic skills to master, and this will take practice and determination.   Those who begin to see the aura often describe a grey/white and/or bluish haze or mist, which may protrude outward from a person by about ten inches.   This is seen with both the physical eyes and the psychic perception.


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