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There have been many people on this earth plane who have had the benefit of listening to the words of wisdom spoken by many Sage's, since they became the links to their mediums.   During those times they made huge impacts on the Earth vibration, giving many addresses to many audiences.   Always available to answer questions from those same gatherings on as many varied subjects that there were people available to ask them.   Their depth of knowledge seems second to none on a considerable and wide selection of subjects, especially those in relation to spiritual matters.


 So here I have dedicated this page to some of those teachings.   These will be placed here as and when I obtain some of those teachings.


The first I think, is a wonderful story that holds many truths, and many lessons to be learnt by us all whilst we are still here on this Earthly vibration.

Spirit Teachings

Spirit Teachings

By: A.W. Austen


is regarded by some investigators as a science, by others as a philosophy and by the vast majority of adherents as a religion. It is, in fact, all three. It is a science, in that it is a search for truth; a philosophy, because it teaches us a code of life; and a religion, for it defines our attitude to the Creator.


It is unique among religions in that it has no catechism, no Thirty-Nine Articles, no creed. It is true that there are what are known as the Seven Principles, which are supposed to define the beliefs to which a Spiritualist subscribes, but these were drawn up to meet a legal technicality and freedom of thought is preserved by allowing individual interpretation of their meaning. The channel for further revelation is kept open, for we realise that we shall never possess all truth. As we become entitled to greater knowledge, it will be given to us.


Those who return from beyond the grave do so to comfort us and to instruct us. They comfort us by proving that love can conquer death; that, given the right conditions, those who have died on earth to awaken in the spirit world can return to those left behind to assure them of a coming reunion in a land of great adventure. But comfort is only part of their mission. They come also to tell us of the conditions under which they live in their new state. 


They insist that in the world to which they have gone they have discovered facts which were ignored and sometimes contradicted by the dogmas they were taught on earth. They say little importance is attached to the beliefs they held, that it matters little whether they were Roman Catholics, Baptists, Hindus or even Atheists, but considerable attention is paid to the deeds they have committed, both good and bad, during their sojourn on the earth.    

They claim that on the other side of death they have found it necessary to bear responsibility for their own acts, that no saviour has come forward to take the blame for their guilt, that a death-bed repentance has not turned them from sinners into saints. They have found no golden heaven and no fiery hell. And there is no judgment day as they have been taught to expect.    

Instead, they become aware of an ordered world divided into spheres of varying beauty and congeniality. As if by a magic magnet, each soul is drawn to that sphere for which his conduct has fitted him. But this is not his permanent state. There is progression in the spirit world, and there is retrogression. He can qualify for advancement to a plane of increased opportunities and greater congeniality, or he might sink to a lower sphere of restricted powers and less beautiful surroundings.

Besides these ordinary men and women who return at seances to tell us of their discoveries, Spiritualists have the advantage of teaching and advice from beings whom we call spirit guides. They come to counsel us on how best to prepare for the life after death and to tell us of spiritual laws which would enable us to put our own world in order. They urge us to observe these laws and thus hasten the dawn of a new age, in which, we are assured, war will be no more and men and women will live as brothers and sisters, aiding themselves by serving others.   

Those who are unfamiliar with Spiritualism will be surprised to find that all of the spirit guides interviewed bear the names of Red Indians. They will wonder what civilisation can learn from 'dead savages'. But these guides are not really Red Indians. They have explained to us that the sphere on which they normally dwell is so far removed from earth 'not geographically, but in vibration' that it would be difficult for them to reach us direct. It is necessary to use a 'stepping-stone', and this is done by temporarily inhabiting the astral body of some spirit on an intervening plane. The most suitable 'mediums' for this purpose are usually Red Indians, who were psychic on earth and lived closer to nature than more civilised races.    

Who these exalted teachers really are we may never know. One of them, when I asked the question, replied, "I am a voice in the wilderness." Another said it was not wise to reveal his true identity and added that the people whom he taught "love me for what I give them and not for what I am".   The broadest hint of their identity was given me by one who calls himself White Feather. He allowed me to understand that he knew Jesus of Nazareth when he was on earth, as did also the spirits known to us as Silver Birch and Red Cloud.    

In the spirit answers to questions in this series of interviews you will not find complete unanimity. There is agreement on essentials and on broad principles, but on lesser issues there is a difference of opinion and sometimes complete disagreement. This proves that those who return to teach us of spiritual laws are not possessed of all wisdom. They have not become gods on the other side of the grave, but are human beings still. The spirit world is a natural world, peopled by those who retain human characteristics even after thousands of years. There is still difference of opinion, just as there is here.     "We are not perfect," they tell us. "We, too, are still learning and still evolving. But we have travelled a little farther than you along the road that all must take, and we return to help you by passing on the knowledge we have acquired. Do not accept everything that is told you; apply to all that we say the test of your own reason. Our task is not to live your lives for you; but to give you advice when you need it, to the best of our ability, and to stimulate you in your own endeavours for the benefit of yourselves and in the service of others".

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