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Table "Rappings" or "Knockings" were probably the first indication of spirit trying to connect with our world.


They can sound just like timber cracking, or someone hitting a table hard.   They can also sound like knocks on walls or doors.   It might be like someone walking around.   There is no hard and fast rules as to what they sound like or where they come from within the room.   One person might hear a rap on a table and another might hear the same rap by a door or somewhere entirley different.   They can be very soft or very loud, it depends on a number of governing factors.


The most famous of all of these incidents was that of the Hydesville Rapping's when the Fox family in 1848, were tourmented for weeks by contineous raps and bangs all over their house.   It was so bad that they were unable to sleep, but the sisters, Margaret aged fourteen and Kate aged eleven began to communicate with a deceased spirit.   The girls named him "Mr. Splitfoot," but once a rapour had been established between them, they discovered that he was a peddler by the name of Charles B. Rosma, and that he had been murdered by the previous occupant of the house five years earlier for 500 dollars in money.   They were also able to discover that he had been buried in the celler of the house and with his help, they were able to locate some bones, some broken plate and a skull, the fact that there was also quick lime found around the remains assured the finders that an attempt to hide the body had been made.   The facts about his murder and his burial were again proved to be correct in 1904, when the remains of his skeleton were removed from the decaying cellar wall.   He had obviously been bricked in by his murderer, but found by children who were playing in there,  minus a skull.


Rappings are often a preliminary of physical mediumship, which could indicate that one or more sitters would perhaps benifit from sitting with an experienced physical medium to gain information and advice from them.

Table Turning

Table turning is without doubt the simplest and crudest form of communication with the spirit world. 


Soon after the Fox sisters and the Rochester knocking's, table turning became epidemic in both America and Europe.   In England people turned afternoon tea parties into tea and table turning parties.    In an effort to stop this mania a committee of four medical men held a number of seances. On completion they published their findings in the Medical Times and Gazette on 11 June 1853.   Their conclusion;  that the motion of the table was due to unconscious muscular action.   A few weeks later Faraday published an article in The Times stating that 'The unconscious muscular action of the sitters was an experimentally demonstrated fact," a belief still held dear by many parapsychologists today. 


The usual procedure is for sitters to form a circle around a table.   In lowered light or total darkness they should place their hands lightly on the table, their little fingers touching the little fingers of the person on each side of them.   This forms a continuous circle allowing the energies to flow around without interruption and directing those energies into the table.   They would imagine a ball of energy passing up their right arm and down their left to that person next to them, the same would apply to them and all around the table to each sitter.


Prior to the movement, subtle vibrations can usually be felt in the table, as though it was coming alive.    There may also be raps or taps.   When it does move the circle leader should address the table firmly instructing it to come under control.   Question can then be asked using an agreed code eg. one tilt for no and three for yes, two could be doubtful and four could be don't know.   The code is up to you, and quite often they will not move the table at all if the answer is 'no' and only once for yes, as this is their way of saving on energy.   It can be very hit and miss, but you must always remain in charge.   This method of communication can be very slow and laborious, but it can prove to be evidential.

Ouija Board

The Ouija Board is an instrument which can allegedly be used for divination, to contact or channel the spirits of deceased persons. 


The board is usually made of wood and circular. (Not all.)   Some are made of card board.   Around the outside edge you will generally find the letters of the Alphabet.   It will also contain the words 'yes' and 'no' as well as 'goodbye.'    There will also be the figures 0 - 9 on the board.


It can be operated in a number of ways, but in the main people use an upturned glass or planchette.    (A Planchette is a heart shaped slidable three legged device used as a pointer.)   Placing the fingers lightly on the glass/planchette and asking for a communication from either, any spirit within location or a specific spirit, preferably the latter.    (See Note).    In answer to your question, the glass/planchette should move in a circular movement before coming to rest at a figure, letter or word, which may be the commencment of the spelling of a name or the spelling of an answer to your question.


Users generally believe that the answers are of course from Spirit entities that are communicating with them.   The skeptics, believe that those who are using the board are selecting, either consciously or unconsciously, what the answers will be.   The Parapsychologists believe that the movement of the glass is caused by unconscious involutary muscular movement known as the 'ideomotor effect'.    Then there is the obvious person who is pushing the glass/planchette for sensationalism.


Many people believe that the Ouija board invites a lower form of spirit, and that it should be avoided at all cost.   The final decision is to the person or persons wishing to 'try it out'.   In the right hands and with proper guidence, just like any other form of communication with spirit, the ouija board is no different and can give good evidence of survival.     Approach it with protection, an open mind, and love in your heart.


Note:   It should be pointed out, as with all matters regarding communication with spirits.   Protection should always be asked for, simply by the offering of a small prayer before you start, and asking for protection during what activity you are doing, and closing down at the end of your activity with another prayer.   Especially where the Ouiji Board is concerned.



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