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When we talk about symbolism in mediumship we are generally speaking about the things that you see through clairvoyance and the way in which spirit show things to you.   For instance, if you see a five bared gate, what does that mean to you?   Is the gate attached to fence and if so, is the gate open or closed?   The five bars could represent a time span, 5 years, months, days etc.  On a fence and open could represent an opportunity opening for you in that time span, and if closed not before that time span.    As with any form of symbols, there is an interpretation to them, and at some stage you will be shown things in symbolic form.  In all forms of mental mediumship you as the medium have to decipher those symbols, which, when done correctly, will give a clear message from the communicating spirit.  

As with all forms of mediumship, you will have to practise, and if your guides have decided that they can work with you best with this form of clairvoyance, then they will show all kinds of things to you.   You will have to find some way of interpreting these symbols and transferring them into a logical and clear as possible message.

You will have to start by taking each symbol at its face value, finding what each symbol means to you and describing what you are seeing.   When you have established your meaning for each symbol, your spirit guide will always use them again with the same or similar meaning.    What each symbol means to you, will be their reference to use it when showing you things again of a similar nature for other recipients.

You might have heard the medium on the platform saying to a person, “When I see an anchor, it means to me stability” (or something else).   You can see that the medium has established a working link with their guide as regards to what an Anchor means to them.   This is what symbolism is all about, your interpretation of symbols which allows your guide to pass messages through clairvoyance.


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