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The Spiritual Reading

The Spiritual Reading, performed by a Medium, who will have the ability to make a link between those who have passed from this physical world to the next world, known as the Spirit World.   A Place, (for want of a better term), of the Dead.    

The medium has a Spirit Guide, these guides form a partnership with the medium, these guides are able to bring forward those in the spirit world who want to communicate with their loved ones who are still here.  

The Medium can be likened to the old fashioned telephone exchange, where you needed to speak to an operator to make a connection for you to another phone.   In this case the You speak to the Medium, who is still the operator, and the Spirit Communicator is on the other line.    This Spirit passes on various bits of information to the Medium, who then, provided his link is good, and he understands what the spirit is saying, passes the information to the recipient (you) the message.   Regretably the link is not always perfect and some readings can be less understood by the recipient than others. 

One should always remember that a Spiritual Reading is not a Psychic Reading, although a medium will have the ability to link on a  psychic level as well as spiritual one.   A Spiritual Link will bring loved ones to you, who will often bring forward happy and or comical memories of things that will prove the continuance of the human soul, (Your loved one), beyond the vale that we call death.  The reading may also bring warnings of things to look out for, or problems that are going on around you at the time of the reading.   It is extremely unusual for a Medium to give you a reading that involves prediction.    That is what the psychic does and the difference between Spiritual Readings and Psychic Readings.


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