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Spiritual Healing

Healing – The laying on of ‘Hands’

Spiritual healing is closely related to the work of the medium in that both require contact with the spirit world.   Spirit guides or spirit doctors channel healing energies through the healer or medium into the body of the patient.   If we accept that those in spirit have a knowledge that far exceeds that of our own, then it follows that they must know how to effect cures in a way in which is far beyond our comprehension.

Therefore the healer (medium) is not the cause of the cure, but rather a bridge for the healing power, bringing that power to the patient via his/her contact with spirit doctors/healers.   Healers can often identify a complaint without being told, instinctively laying their hands on the effected area.    Depending on the condition of the patient and the severity of the complaint, cures can be effected almost immediately or they might take many sessions.   Not all who ask are cured of course, there may be many reasons for this, but the number of people who have at least received some relief from their ailments, is amazingly high.

If you think that you could benefit from trying healing yourself, contact your group leader or your local spiritualist church, they usually have an evening for healing during the week, which is usually either free of charge or by donation.

One last thought on this introduction, as successful as healing has proved to be, you should always continue with medicines and hospital treatments you have been prescribed.   Likewise you should consult your doctor with any complaints.


Absent Healing

Apart from the method of laying on hands, there is another form of healing that has gained in recognition.   Absent Healing.    Unlike the healer who has contact with the patient, absent healing, as it suggests, is performed when the patient is away.    The distance is unimportant.   A healer in England could send healing to a patient in Australia, it really doesn’t matter.

Many churches, healers and psychic development groups have a silent healing list or book.   This is a place where people can write down the name of people they feel needs help, along with their ailment.   This list is then used by the healing group to send out healing thoughts to those who need it.

The thoughts are directed to those in spirit, the spirit doctors can act on these thoughts and begin to effect cures.

To a certain extent we have to covered a good deal in the above text, but it’s worth expanding a little further.   Man is composed of three parts, the mind, the body and the spirit, when the three are in harmony good health follows.   But should the balance become unstable, illness can be the result.  Conventional medicine therefore, tends to deal with physical symptoms only.   Healing however, concentrates on the subtle levels of spirit and mind.   The idea being, to restore the harmony and balance that gave cause to the illness.   Once the healing is directed to the patient, inner tensions are reduced, and the patients own system is able to concentrate on the healing process.


What’s involved?

People new to healing often describe their first experience as very relaxing and soothing, sometimes uplifting and refreshing.   The medical profession is even beginning to recommend this type of treatment.   There are probably many cultures throughout the world that have a similar form of healing.   But the amazing results are what ultimately count.

A healer will usually enquire as to how he/she can help, but often this is not necessary, as they have a wonderful way of being able to sense what’s wrong.   You can sit in a chair or lay down, whichever you prefer, the healer then begins be either holding your hands or placing his hands on your shoulders.   This initial contact helps them to link to you.   Once the link is formed they may concentrate on the area that is of concern, either by placing their hands on that area or more usually, holding them a few inches above the area, and directing the energies there.

Try to relax and have a positive and receptive attitude towards this, as this will aid the healing process.   While the healer is working, you may notice that a sensation of heat or slight tingling or trembling emanates from the hands, all good signs that healing is taking place.


Here are some common questions that are asked about healing:

Question:       Can I receive healing at home?

Answer:         Yes, many healers will visit, some will be free of charge or there may be a donation towards expenses.   Make enquiries at you local spiritualist church, or ask your group leader.


Question:       Do I have to have faith or believe?

Answer:         No, Spiritual healing does not require you to believe in what is happening and it does not require that you have faith.   We are not Faith Healers but channels that are used to enable spirit doctors and helpers to work for the benefit of the patient.   Believing and having faith does however help the healing process.   It is really a case of being positive.   We know that negativity has a great deal to answer for and does block the positive embraces.


Question:       Do I need to be religious to receive healing?

Answer:         No, healing is given to all who ask for it, regardless of race or beliefs.


Question:       Do I need to think in a certain way during the healing process?

Answer:         No, the process is independent of whatever you are thinking.

Question:       How long does it take?

Answer:         How long is a piece of string?   It really depends on the severity of the problem that             requires attention.


Question:       How much does it cost?

Answer:         How much do you want to give?   Most healers do their work free of charge.   Some churches may ask for a donation.


Question:       What does a healer do?

Answer:         They may begin by asking what your ailment /problem is, and then lay their hands on the effected part, moving position occasionally.   They may try to find the problem for themselves.


Question:       What does it feel like?

Answer:         Most recipients of healing will tell you that it is calm, restful and very relaxing.   Some get so relaxed that they fall asleep.   Others feel extreme well being like being energised.   There is usually a feeling of heat from the healer’s hands and around the area of treatment.   This is not however a hard and fast expectation, I have had people tell me after that they felt a very cold draft from the palms of my hands.   I suppose it depends on the ailment, but the general consensus seems to be one of heat.   All are completely natural and indicate that the healing is taking place and working.


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