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Gordon Smith - Britains Most Accurate Medium

Gordon Smith was born in Glasgow on 6 July 1962. Brought up in and around the predominantly Catholic Gorbals Cross area of the city, a renowned poverty stricken, hotbed area with Dimly lit streets of tenement buildings, and violent gangs roaming the streets looking for trouble, or what they could steal.  

He was just six years old when he felt the full force of that violence, one night a gang broke into his house and smashed every window in the house, going on to drag young Gordon from his bed fearfully kicking and screaming at them as they did.   Then there was the sexual abuse from and local man who lived near by around the same time.   Glasgow was not a good place to be in the 1960's.

Luckily Gordon was able to push these things to the back of his mind and block them out.   It only surfaced again when practising meditation some years later.   He believes that these things only resurface when you are ready to accept and deal with them.   Gordon discovered that during these times he could escape these traumatic times by leaving his body and entering a new spiritual realm.

His gift was starting to develop, and he started to see "Dead People".   He would tell his Mother about them and one day he saw his Grand Mothers Partner, he had died a week before but Gordon new nothing about it, his mother wasn't very happy and got angry.

Despite the Abuse and the Violence of his childhood, it never felt difficult, as he says, he never new any other way of life.


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