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What SB said about himself

I am one of those whom your world of matter regards as dead but … the beliefs of your world are founded on fallacy. 

I am one of those who, having completed my allotted earthly span and passed, many years ago, beyond the veil of mortal life, and had decided to return to illumine your darkened world and teach it the truths of the spirit which have been buried for too long. 

When I was asked, many long years ago, whether I would return to the world of matter and find on earth a band who would work with me to deliver the message of the spirit, I said I would, as did many others, and my task was given me. I have no vested interest…; I have no money to earn; I have no job to defend. I have nothing to gain. I come back after many, many years in a world of spirit to tell you what I know. It is for you to listen. 

I am a voice crying in the wilderness. I am a servant of the Great Spirit. What does it matter who I am? Judge me by what I strive to do. If my words, earnestness, determination, my mission among you, bring comfort or light to one who is struggling in darkness, then I am happy. I came to your world many years ago, a lone figure without a friend. 

I was asked if I would return to your world under these difficult conditions, forfeiting whatever I had earned in the higher reaches of life, because there was a great need for spiritual realities and powers to be established. I accepted the challenge. 

Here you are tonight telling me that the teachings which I am privileged to transmit -- they do not originate from me -- have helped you. I am grateful for that knowledge. It shows that I have added some more friends at whose hearths I can feel the warmth of their love, and that means a great deal to me. 

What does it matter whether I am a teacher of great distinction or a lowly beggar, so long as the seal of truth stamps what I say? 

We are all the servants of the Great Spirit. Some of us have evolved a little higher. Because of that, we return to give service, for service is the law of life. 

I do not want too much attention paid to me, the individual, the messenger. I am only concerned with the message. 

Your world has for too long concerned itself with teachers, whom it has aggrandised into exaggerated positions, and has forgotten what they came to teach. 

I am but a humble servant, an interpreter for those who have sent me to expound forgotten laws that must be revived as part of the new world that is gradually dawning. Think of me always as a mouthpiece. I represent the voice of the spirit that seeks to make its presence felt in your world and which is succeeding in increasing measure. There is a vast concourse, all with wills perfectly attuned, with minds in harmony, with souls all at one. They use me, even as I use this instrument, to tell your world the truths that have been buried for too long but which are now being restored and given their rightful place in the lives of thousands of men and women.    
I am only the mouthpiece of those who sent me, and I seek no glory for myself and no reward. I have no desire to aggrandize myself or my personality. I rejoice to be a vehicle for expressing these truths, lost for many centuries and now restored to the world of matter, stamped with the seal of divine truth. 

My part is that of the messenger who speaks the message and I have striven to be faithful and to convey that which was given to me according to the instrument that I have and the power which I have earned. I only want to be of service and, if the few teachings I express help one soul to find peace in a stormy life, to find the shelter of truth after having experienced the storms of doubt, if within the sanctuary of these simple spiritual truths one can find happiness and be inspired to serve, then perhaps we have accomplished something of the Father’s work. 

I have come back merely to stress a few elementary spiritual truths. It seems to me - and I am quite an old man - that what your world needs is not some high-flown, theological, abstract collection of doctrines, but a few simple truths enthroned in the hearts of most religions, taught by those who were inspired by the power of the spirit in days gone by, that all mankind is part of one another, that beneath our physical differences there is a common bond of the spirit which unites us all. 

I make no claim to infallibility. I do not say that I have reached the limit of all knowledge and wisdom. I, like you, am human still. I, too, strive after perfection. I, too, have weaknesses to conquer. I, too, have progress to achieve. I do not say that what I tell you represents final truth. 

I am a human being like yourselves. I have lived much longer than any of you who are listening to what I say. As a result of my experiences in realms far beyond your earth I have gained some knowledge of the Great Spirit you call God, and of the natural laws which have been devised to ensure that the will of the Great Spirit will and must ultimately prevail. 

What I have learnt as a result of my experiences I am willing to share with those who are ready to receive / them because I think they may be of helpfulness to them. 

I am not in any way a deity. I am still very human, capable of error, weakness and imperfection. I have, like every one of you, a long, long way to go on the road to perfection. It is an infinite one. 

But, like others in my world, I was asked to retrace my steps so that I could offer some of the truth, the wisdom and the knowledge that we have gained, and share it with you. At the same time we would be able, with the aid of those who co-operate with us, to make available the supreme power of the spirit, which is responsible for all life despite its multitudinous forms, so that this power can stream through gifted individuals and serve its benign purpose. 

Silver Birch gave an indication of the progress that he has had to make since leaving the earth ... nearly 3,000 years ago ....… 

In my days on earth I venerated many gods. I had to learn that there is only one Great Spirit, Who has provided eternal laws for the control of every phase of life throughout the boundless universe. 

Remember, I am not only a teacher, seeking to teach eternal truths, and reveal the powers of the spirit; I am also the friend of each one of you, for I love you dearly and strive always to help you with all the strength and power that I possess. 

Come to me always with your difficulties, no matter what they be. If I can help you, I will do so. If I cannot, I will strive to give you strength to help you through your challenges.

Silver Birch - Guide to Maurice Barbanell



Silver Birch has previously expressed his opinion on the effect of vegetarianism on mediumship, and I asked him whether he would deal with the question more fully.


“I know I will be unpopular with some,” he said. “But if I have to tread on corns, then I must. There can be no argument that, for the ideal medium, abstinence from alcoholic liquor, from flesh foods, from tobacco and from anything which degrades the human body is better for the developing spirit.


The spirit can only express itself in your world through a physical body.

The higher the quality of the physical body, the greater can be the expression of the spirit. Therefore, anything which coarsens that body, anything which gives it wrongful stimulation, is a hindrance and not a help to the spiritual body, of which the physical counterpart is its temple. “Now you can answer the question for yourself Can the flesh of animals, can the stimulation of tobacco and alcohol help the unfoldment of psychic and spiritual faculties that you possess? Of course they cannot.   Naturally, if these things are done in moderation, they will do little harm.   But for the ideal medium, it is better that he should confine himself to the fruits of the earth.”


I then put a question that is often quoted by those who seek to justify the

eating of animal foods: “Is it wrong to kill animals for food and clothes,

when apparently it is nature’s way for animals to kill and eat each



“All these things are comparative and are all part of evolution,” said the



“We are told that Nature is red in tooth and claw. That is part of the evolution of Nature—and no spirit teacher has claimed that Nature has reached perfection, for Nature is still evolving. In the ideal—and I always answer what the ideal should be—it is wrong to kill for your food, for your clothing or for your shelter. But in an undeveloped world the full ideal cannot always be realised, but that is no reason why there should not be a striving towards the ideal, which is perfection.   “If there must be killing, let it be painless. Abolish the cruelty. If you cannot in one step reach the stage where mankind knows that to kill for food is wrong, then make the killing as painless as you can. You are in a changing world and we are preaching ideals, ideals that we know are not possible of immediate attainment. But we should be failing in our mission as teachers if we did not give you an ideal to strive for. Your standards must be raised, not lowered.


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