The Voice Box

Seeking to Establish and Share Knowledge and Understanding

Seance Room Props

Childrens Toys:


In the early stages spirit might like to have some small objects that they can move to show their presence.   Things such as childrens toys, ie; rattles, drums, trumpets, bells and miniture tambourines etc.   Small luminous tabs attached to these items may prove benificial as it will help detect their movement.   (Luninous tabs or paint can be obtained from most craft shops or hardware stores at very reasonable prices.)   Be careful how much you use however, you do not want to much luninosity in the room.


Writing Materials:


A children's writing slate, with a piece of chalk, a piece of paper and a pencil, or even charcoal may be placed in the seance room as spirit may try to use this method of communication.  


The Trumpet (Megaphone):


A new seance room may wish to have a seance room trumpet, which should more correctly be called a megaphone.   Although it is unlikely to move in the earlier stages of your circles development, sitters should always be positive with the thought that eventually that the power will be sufficient to move it, and that voices will speak through it.   Place it on a white card or a piece of white paper, and draw around the base, (the wide end), so that any movement might be detected at the end of the sitting.   Trumpets do not have to be made from metal.   They can be as easily made from heavy card, cardboard or even plastic or wood.    (The practise of running water through the trumpet before sitting is difficult to do if it is made of paper, card or wood.)   Again a thin line of spot of illuminous tape should be placed around the wide end of the trumpet to see movement.




A tape recorder is useful in the seance room or even better a microphone leading to an external tape recorder, for recording sounds made by either spirit communicators or observations made by circle members.   This way you will be making a record of your sittings and indications of your progress.   There are many fairly inexpensive but sensitive micrphones available.   (Computor microphones are excellent).   A second cassette or compact disc player is needed to provide a musical background, as it is not easy to sustain the party atmosphere that is needed for long periods.


The person who has to operate this machine should familierise themselves with the machine and practise tuning it on and off in the dark.   It might be useful, again to put small luminous spots on the necessary switches.   All indicator lights should of course be blacked out.


The Cabinet:


In advanced stages of your circles development it may be, that you will be instructed by you spirit controls that a cabinet is required.   This can be done quite simply by placing a curtain across the corner of your seance room or you can build one with wood and curtaining.   These are also quite simple to erect.


Water and Fruit:


Some circles place a jug or small bowl of water in the room for spirit.   They also place an orange under the chair of the medium.   This is cut into segments which spirit have been known to take a bite out of.