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Rescue Mediums

One of the most fascinating forms of mediumship concerns

Helping wayward spirits find their way home




It seems that a small amount of people pass into the spirit world with some confusion.   Although most pass quite happily and are greeted by their loved ones who guide them forward, there are a few who find themselves confused and bewildered.   There may be many reasons for this and some views have suggested that the individual in unable to accept their own passing, as a result of this they find themselves staying close to the Earth plane.   This is perhaps understandable in some ways, as the soul has been used to life in the physical world and would therefore find it more familiar.

Hopefully, this will only be for a short time and soon the spirit person will look for the light.   He may see this light emanating from a spiritual development group and feel drawn to it.   A medium will be drawn to the spirit person and gently speak to him of her and try to understand their dilemma.   The medium with their knowledge of such matters will guide the spirit person, guiding them back to the brighter light.   They will be told of the beauty within that light and that their will be familiar people there waiting to meet them.

As the spirit person passes through the light there is such a feeling of beauty and immense love it is almost overwhelming.   A great feeling of relief comes to the medium, a sign of gratitude perhaps, from the spirit person.

There are mediums and circles that specialise in this type of work, a very worthy but less recognised spiritual pursuit.   One of the better known rescue mediums is a man called Eddie Burks from Nottinghamshire.   His explanation for these spirits being earthbound is caused by violent death, fear, obsessive attachment to earthly possessions and other similar reasons.

We can only speculate as to why this happens, but perhaps it is essential to the development of those who experience it.   The lost spirit too.


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