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Reading Photo's & Drawings

Reading Photographs and Drawings

This is an excellent way for would be psychics and mediums to develop and hone their skills.   For better focus it would be better if there was only one person in the photograph, especially for beginners.

First use your intuition, what do you feel about the person?   Do you have feeling of happiness or sadness?   Do you suddenly have aches and pains you did not have before?   Try to link to the energies of the person you are reading.   All the feelings you are experiencing.

It will amaze you what information you can learn from a photograph.   Your psychic abilities will become sharper the more you use them, and your clairvoyance will, with practice give you information of the past, present and possibly the future of your sitter.

Reading from Drawings; is a much more complex form of giving a reading.

The sitter will be asked to draw a picture, any kind of picture they wish to draw, and from the drawing an experienced psychic/medium will be able to give an in depth analytic reading of the persons state of mind at that moment in time.

The sitter will be completely unaware of how much of themselves they are revealing with a single drawing.   Hidden memories from their past can be revealed and all unwittingly by the sitter.

Sounds far fetched?   And yet, so called psychoanalysts have been using this method to access the mental health of patients for years!   However, for the beginner we require only a simple reading, i.e.  Is the sitter happy or sad will be as much as they could and should hope for a first?   Wait until all your psychic and clairvoyant skills are honed before attempting anything more.

Remember you are not a trained counsellor so don’t try to give advice, just say what you feel or see.... and keep positive.


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