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Ramadahn - Ursula Roberts

One Spirits Views on Euthanasia

Ramadahn – Guide of Ursula Roberts

Our view of the difficult subject upon which you so often think is this; Let Love be your watchword. Teach this unto those whom you meet day by day, and if love dictates their decisions then wise and beautiful will be their ways of solving the problems of human relationships.   

We of the spirit know that life is an ever flowing pattern, an ever changing melody, a continuous process of living and being which is unbroken, for it is constantly transmuted from one shape into another.   But you, encompassed around by limiting conditions, are not always able to see the eternities of time and the ever changing pattern of creative life, so your understanding of life and death are somewhat different to ours. You regard death as an end; we see it as we regard birth, but an important incident in the whole flow of life. So, reach out and turn your vision past the ending of mortal life to the life beyond, then turn your vision back to the pre-birth existence, that you may see this is all part of the beauty and power of the master creator.

Whatever causes the termination of life on earth, whatever breaks the pattern, always there is understanding love, the great flowing life-force to reform it and bring harmony and beauty once more into being.   Therefore, when man or woman is helplessly suffering and others try to bring what may be a merciful end to their suffering, we see it as but a little break in the weaving pattern of human experience.   Life continues, for life is a continues pattern.

If upon your roadside you see a living animal which, through carelessness of its owner, has been allowed to stray and has become injured by a moving machine, beholding this creature panting and crying in pain, do you not see an act of ignorance which has broken the beautiful pattern of life? Do you not then consider which is the most loving thing to do; to heal the animal of its hurts, though even when its bones are mended it may only hop or move with pain to seek its food, or does your love for the creature bring you to release it from its suffering that its life may continue in this flowing pattern of the great Master Creator.

Love will dictate your decision. If your love is self-seeking you may hold it within its pattern of suffering that you can retain its companionship, but later your will be forced to think; “Was it real love that kept the living force within a body that is blind and crippled?”

So it is through all the pattern of human existence. As you sit besides the aged ones whom you love, whose bodily tenement has become filled with pain either because of the physician’s ignorance or their own lack of atunement, sometimes the greater love is to release the spirit into the great flow of life within the spirit existence.

But always the decision must be made in love, and sometimes it should be dictated by the desire of the sufferers themselves.

First then, there should be the effort to restore harmony by bringing peace of mind, spiritual healing to the body and soul, and love to the heart of the sufferers. If after there is still pain, helplessness and disease, then sometimes the way of restoring harmony in life is to bring about release, for release is peace.


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