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So what is psychometry?


Like most other hands on items such as cards, crystals, runes etc, psychometry is a focus tool which helps to apply our psychic intuition.   Psychometry is holding an object belonging to a person either still here on the earth plane or in spirit.    The medium can then using his ability to tune in to the energies from the owner of the object and form a link with the object to gain information from it.


You have all heard on "Most Haunted" the medium stating when he makes his walk around the building, that the life force energies of those who have lived in the building but are now in spirit, being a part of the fabric of the building.   Well it is these life force or fabric energies that the medium, during the practice of psychometry, tunes into and is able to gain from the item a great deal of information about the owner.


So how do we do this?   Pretty much like working mediums do on the platform during services or when they hold a coloured ribbon that you have picked out of their bunch for them, they tune in or link to the communicator or item.   Try this;   Hold an item you have been given to read and relax yourself, feel the texture and shape of the object, let the object become imprinted on your mind and always remembering that it is linked to the owner.   Communicate with the object, try to sense the information coming in through your fingertips, going up your arm and finally entering you thoughts.   It is a constant stream of energy that plays out like a video.   You will only pickup small remanent of the story as they come to you in flashes and scenes, fleeting memories and feelings.   What you need to do is mention them all, irrespective of how stupid it might sound, say what you see, what you feel, because every piece of information you give can only help to validate the authenticity of your reading.



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