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Psychic Surgery

Can the power of the mind replace the scalpel in the operating room?  The most obvious answer to that question is "No".   But wait !


Psychic Surgery is the term given to the use of paranormal surgery, which uses only bare hands or very simple instruments.   The way this happens, is that the psychic surgeon's hands enter the body of the patient, and extract whatever is causing the problem from them.   This sometimes comes out as lumps of clotted blood which are then disposed off.   There is no requirement of anaesthetics or any other mind relaxing or altering drugs.


There are those who believe that this cure comes under the term "The Placebo Effect", the patient fully believing that the psychic surgeon has healed them, when in effect, there belief is so great that their own  mind has healed there body.     So do those who claim to have this ability really possess a power beyond the concept of our imagination.


Jose Pedro De Freitas, was a Brazilian born psychic surgeon, who was known thought the world as "Arigo".   Arigo first discovered his strange powers when he was sitting with friends who were gathered around the bed of a woman dying of an inoperable tumour in her uterus.     A priest had arrived and was giving her her last rites as her death was expected at any moment, when suddenly and unaware of what he was doing, Arigo dashed from the room and returned with a kitchen knife.   He ordered every one to stand back, then plunged the knife into the womans vagina and twisted it several times.   He then inserted his hand and pulled out a huge tumour, the size of a grapefruit, then fell back into the chair and began to cry.   The grieving relatives stood in shock and a doctor was sent for.   The patient had felt no pain whatsoever and never even bled.   The doctor confirmed that Arigo had removed the tumour and that the woman had not been bleeding.   She made a complete recovery.


Under the control of Dr Adolphus Fritz, a german doctor who had died in 1918, Arigo continued to administer magical cures on hundreds of patients, and always working in a trance like state, and using only an unsterilized pocket knife which he would wipe on his shirt before the next operation.   His patients felt neither pain nor fear, there was little or no blood loss, and the wound where he had stabbed them, would heal completely within a couple of days.


Arigo performed over 500,000 operations in a five year period, without ever accepting payment for his services.   Arigo had no explanation for his strange gift and more often then not was completely unaware of what he was doing.  He gave thanks to only Christ and his German Doctor Fritz.   His methods were bizarre and he even fainted when shown a video of himself performing an operation.  Needless to say Arigo helped and cured hundreds of thousands of people that the medical profession had written off as incurable.


This is just one example of many psychic surgeons that have worked on the earth plane under the control of  so called "Dead" doctors.   In more recent times there was the man and wife team who came from the Philippines to Stanstead Hall back in the late 1970's, and performed hundreds of operations.   She was born in London and her first experience was when she witnessed an accident where one of those hurt was bleeding horrendously.   She was only eleven at the time and she heard a voice telling her to put her hand on the wound.   By the time the ambulance had arrived the bleeding had stopped and the wound was starting to heal.


And so, Is psychic surgery a fact, or is it fiction?   It can hardly be put into the placebo effect syndrome because there is to much evidence to prove otherwise.   I could not close this section without bringing reference to our own George Chapman, like me, a liverpudlian by birth, he became world famous for his healing both in trance and mental.   His guide and mentor was Dr William Lang.   George, during his lifetime, proved beyond doubt, the existence of the late Dr Lang, even to the fact that Dr Lang's daughter gave statement to the fact that it was her father who was working through George Chapman.   Dr Lang specialised in Cancer cures which he continued with while working through George.


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