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Psychics and Mediums

Explore the Intriguing world of the Psychic, those that make

Predictions and can sense things almost without trying...



Psychic skills are not special skills bestowed on special people; it is something that we all have to a greater or lesser degree.   How often have you thought to yourself 'I wonder how my friend **** is doing?'   Then the phone rings!   There's a feeling you get deep inside that links both events, the thought and the actual ringing of the phone.   It's not easy to explain, it's a 'knowing' that somehow you knew that this would happen.   Not that psychic intuition is all about predictions, it's not.   Its knowledge of the events around you and the people and feelings you come into contact with, received through thought.   It really is that simple.

So why aren't there more people who are psychic?   Well for one, it's our lifestyle, in our modern busy day world we simply don't have the time.   We are so busy rushing around, working and worrying about this and that we ignore what our mind is trying to tell us.   Add to this the fact that we are taught that this sort of thing is either nonsense or wrong and you begin to get the idea.   However, we do need to slow down a bit if we are to recognise what our psychic intuition is trying to say, in fact the more we can still our mind and relax, the more psychic intuition tends to flow.   So always try to choose somewhere quiet where you can be peaceful and undisturbed if you are trying to develop your own gift.

Psychic skills can be thought of as a latent human ability that's been ignored; you only have to wake them up!   People are often amazed when they find these skills surfacing in themselves, but really it is not so amazing, it's perfectly normal, we just don't see it that way at first. 

But of course it is not for everybody, and some people just prefer to consult a psychic when they feel the need.   That's fine; because the advice a psychic can impart can be very useful, helpful and uplifting.


 How are these skills developed?

It depends partly on the individual, but includes meditation and mental discipline.   Some people are born with their psychic faculty switched on, and for them it becomes a natural part of their lives.   Others may need to work much harder to obtain results.

One way of thinking about psychic skills is to consider the five human senses, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.   Now imagine we have a sixth sense ' psychic intuition.   It's not super-human and certainly not supernatural; it is simply asleep in most people!   People have psychic experiences and not even realise it!

Just about everybody will accept what their 'normal' senses tell them, what they see, hear etc.   So how does psychic information arrive at the human body?    The answer to that is, through the subconscious mind.   The subconscious is constantly gathering information, seeing patterns, seeing outcomes; however, we tend to ignore it.   The idea is to transfer what the subconscious recognises to the conscious mind.   This is far easier to do than to explain!   But essentially, you become an antenna, picking up information from those around you, when it comes to sensing international or world events, you might think of yourself as a satellite monitoring the earth.

The information is received in a far more involved and complex way than our other senses are capable of picking up, and it is perhaps this fact that makes psychics so able to help us.   For example; we may initially sense a concern about something in our clients, but we also have a deep understanding where these concerns emanate from and where they are heading.   It is this comprehensive knowledge that allows us to recommend future plans for each individual.

A psychic is able to see a person as a whole, although he or she will 'pick-up' on certain events, it's this ability to communicate on a higher level that becomes important.   If we can accept that we are spiritual beings, then these readings are not quite as fantastic as many believe.   We are simply communicating at a higher level, the psychic has learnt to attune to these higher thoughts, and the client is sending this information out automatically.   It is important however, to state that psychics are not mind readers, the information can infact come from the spirit guide who is helping the person.   Perhaps that is why we don't pick up on secrets!   We may often be able to sense problems that are not easily spoken off, but we only pick up on them if the person is willing to talk about them.   There is a loving law that covers our job that operates with care.   Each individual has to be ready to face their own problem, only then can the healing really begin.

Sometimes a psychic or medium will experience a pain or emotion connected with their sitter.   Again they have simply let the subconscious receive this information, transferred it to the conscious mind, and experienced it by means of the other five senses.


Psychics and Mediums - Same Thing?

There has always been some confusion over the difference between mediumship and psychic skills, so let's try to examine some of the facts!

First, let's look at the 'technical' and established difference between a Psychic and a Medium.

Mediums:   A medium can communicate with those in the spirit world; this may include a variety of techniques to accomplish the task.

Psychics:   Do not contact the spirit people, yet are able to make predictions and sense things about people and events.

I said 'technical' difference because in practice mediums are psychics as well.   It is useful to understand these terminologies, should you wish to visit a psychic fair for a reading, you will know who to select for the reading you require.

To add a little flavour to the debate, ponder on this thought:

It is believed that we all have 'Spirit Guides'.   Spirit guides can speak to other spirit guides at the speed of thought.   Our mediums can hear or sense information from their guides.   So, perhaps mediums are just acting on what your guide tells their guide who in turn tells us!   If you get the drift?

So is it natural psychic skills that allow us to pick up things about people who come to see us, or is it the work of our spirit guides and helpers?   Many mediums speak of the difference between psychics and mediums, and is the division exists, where does on stop and the other begin?


It would seem therefore, that there is definitely a difference between the medium and the psychic.   It could be argued that as spiritual mediums we also work on the psychic end of the scale because we have the feelings, the senses and the intuition; regardless of what type of information you pick up on, it seems that there is a law in place which controls things.   It's how we are led to the right information, how we don't get information that we should not be privy too, or supposed to have.   How things just seem to work out right for the person or occasion.   It seems that randomly reading someone's Aura, or intuitively picking up the vibrations that are floating around us on the planet, would lead to all manner of information coming forward in a very random order.   In my humble opinion, I believe that we are guided, helped and encouraged in every endeavour to use our gifts for the good of mankind.

Psychic Skills:

Psychics may work with any number of techniques, Tarot, Crystal Balls, Psychometry etc but to name a few.   It all depends on the individual and what works best for them.   The use of these items is often just to help the psychic to tune in better.   And yes; mediums use them also!

There is another very suitable word used to describe a psychic, and that is 'sensitive'.    The psychic is after all, sensitive to the thoughts, emotions and events around him/her.   Using this psychic awareness can be likened to the imagination.

Of course some people grow up being psychic, but that does not stop those learning techniques later.   The term psychic simply means that someone has grown up with this ability.   From an early age their psychic ability/awareness was already part of their lives.

The awareness itself seems to operate on many different levels, depending on your development.   From simple predictions and knowledge to a very personal insight into other peoples feelings.   When someone first starts to develop their awareness, the information received is often very random, but also very trivial.   It could for example be of world events such as a plane crash or a forest fire.   But as they progress, it becomes more personal to individuals, perhaps reflecting the increased capacity to deal with that information. And perhaps also reflecting the 'law' of which was mentioned earlier.   A loving law that helps us to operate with care.