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Coral Polge - Psychic Artist

Coral Polge


British Psychic Artist


Coral Polge was probably the world’s most renowned British Psychic Artist of modern times.   Born in Hackney London on 22nd September 1924 and christened Coral Annetta Potts.  Her father was a cinema manager at the time of her birth, and neither parent, to her knowledge displayed any psychic abilities even though her father’s sister was adept at card reading with some accuracy.    Later on when the family got involved in spiritualism, her mother’s two sisters proved to be psychic.


When you had a Coral Polge Portrait, it was as good as having a photograph.   Coral worked tirelessly across the planet, visiting many, many different countries on her quest to prove the survival of the soul after death.   In her book “Living Images” you will be able to see for your selves some of her wonderful work.


Through her mediumship, she was not only able to create images of those trying to communicate from the spirit world, but was also able to comment on the impressions that she received, often giving the names of the communicators that she was drawing.


Having been told that she had the gift of ‘Psychic Art’.    Coral developed her techniques in her own home circle where early scribbles slowly became sketches.   It wasn’t long before she was able to draw her Spirit Guide, Maurice de Latour, who was believed to be an eighteenth century portrait painter.


As with all mediumship, spirit communicators have a habit of showing themselves to you as a younger version of what they are when they pass.    Coral sometimes had this problem with her art and things only become clear to the recipient at a later time.  


One incident that seems to be a delightful story was when she gave a portrait of a man to a lady; she was disappointed that the lady failed to recognise the man.   However, this lady liked the picture that much that she took it home a hung it in the hallway of her house.   It was a few months later when new neighbors moved into next door, which followed by a visit of the new neighbor. On entering the hallway, the visitor exclaimed, “Where on earth did you get that picture of my father?”    The mysteries of spirit communication!


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