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Physical Mediumship

Physical Mediumship, In general term is, any form of mediumship that is seen to have a physical nature or effect on a medium, or others who are present, including objects.


It also includes the production of tangible structures, such as,  "Trance",  (An altered state of consciousness.)  "Transfiguration",    (The masking of the medium by spirit communicators.)   "Levitation and Telekinesis", (The raising and movement of objects in the seance room, such as trumpets and toys.)  "Trumpet and Independent Direct Voice",   (Voices are heard independently of the medium.)   "Apports and Asports", (Objects that are materialised in or removed from the seance room.)  "Materialisations",  (Spirit takes on the physical form of the communicator, using ectoplasm, and are able to interact with the sitters.)   "Psychic Surgery",   (Spirit controls, usually doctors, carrying out physical operations, through a medium.)   "Psychic Photography",  (Spirit 'extras' appear on ordinary photographs.)   and "EVP",  (Electronic Voice Phenomena - extra voices appearing on tape recordings, and coming through other electronic equipment such as TVs.)


We must not of course, forget how most of physical phenomena started, that of  "Rappings, Table Tilting and Ouija Boards",   (Sitters around a table get communication via the table from spirit controls by means of either Rapping table tilting and by use of an up turned glass or planchette with the Ouija Board.)


We do have a booklet for those who wish to start their own physical circle in the family home.   It gives a considerable amount of information  about setting up and safe practices that should be observed   There is also information  of the various forms of phenomena that can be obtained.


Physical Phenomena is very exciting, and it would be easy to get carried away with the excitement of the phenomena, but you will be missing out on the very essential reasons spirit communicate with us in the first place.   That of the message that they bring.   The teachings and the information.   All forms of mediumship are a very privileged gift and should be treated as such.   Development requires considerable 'patience', and it is true to say in the case of mediumship, that patience is a virtue that can not be ignored.   Nothing happens overnight !

Starting A Physical Circle

If you feel that you would like to start a physical circle of your own, then to start with just click the following links.   These are not absolute rules but a good guide into setting up your own circle and some instructions you should follow to make it successful.   If there is anything that you do not understand, please feel free to ask, if we can not help you, we know someone who can.