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Voice Recordings Upload

April 6th 2011

Some old recordings of Mini Harrison's 'Christmas Spirit Seance', narrated by her son Tom. 

          All the reports are available by pressing the link below:

April 29th 2017

Under Physical Mediums F - P  Colin Fry

Apr 20th 2017
Under "Articles of Interest" - Cross Correspondence   
Feb 13th 2017
Under Physical Mediums F - P  - Kathleen Goligher 
Jan 6th 2017
Under Trance Mediums -  A new page  - Pearl Curren 
Nov 12th 2016
Under physical mediums A - E: A new page:    Bradley Jo.
Sept 29th 2016 
A new page entitled "Investigations" on this page you will find an old article I came across about Cross Correspondence (author unknown).
 Dec 23rd 2015
Under, From the History Books, and In By Nandor Fodor..   Chapters 11 to 25 from his book, "These Mysterious People"
Oct 23rd 2015
Under Other Mediums - Charles Foster an American Medium with a controversial Career. 
                                                            - Madge Gill - Mediumistic Artist 
Sep 25th 2015
Under Physical Mediums Q - Z:   A new Page: Charles Williams 
May 2nd 2015
Under; "From The History Books" a new page entitled "The Fox Sisters" 
 Mar 18th 2015
Under Seances - Alex Harris - Three new seances;
Dec 14th 2014
Under Physical Mediums Q - Z:   A  new page:   Dr Willis FLH 
Under Physical Mediums F - P:   A New Page:   Mellon, Annie Fairlamb 
Jan 25th 2014
Under teachings from the Guides:   What Silver Birch said about himself
Under, From the History Books:   A Vision  -  By DD Home
Sep 28th 2013
Under seance reports, another seance report, No 4 for Alex Harris, whilst in Johannesburg, South Africa.
July 21st 2013 
Under Seance Reports,  An Alex Harris Seance 3 - While I Remember by Ivy Northage 
May 31st 2012
Under, From the History Books, and In By Nandor Fodor.   Chapters 5 to 10 from his book, "These Mysterious People" 
March 7th 2012
Under Physical Mediums A - H, a new page - Gordon Higginson - Physical Medium


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