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Micky – Guide of Leslie Flint

Speaks about Heaven, Hell,

Man and the Spirit World


It doesn’t matter who you are you create your own environment, and no one can escape from themselves, no one can save you.   All this religious business about being saved and all the rest of it.   It’s something that’s in the innermost mind, a thought creation which temporarily may exist for them. That’s why you get some people who go into that sort of environment and groups of people, because of their thought forces in regard to their religiously strong information, and they temporarily, before those thoughts can call time; (although time doesn’t exist in the same way as your time does), and they live together as a community, and you’ve got these groups of people who really believe that they are going to be resurrected you know, and that there coming back on earth in the physical body, and while they held on to that vast idea, they will retain that thought and they may well live in their own community very happy. There’s another thing, what your happiness consists off, is according to your outlook and your thoughts, over here all life is creative; It is in your world to an extent.


Why do you have wars? Man creates them. People always say ‘why does God permit this?’ he lets you get on with it. You see, Gods got nothing to do with it, man creates his own happiness or unhappiness and it may be the unhappiness that’s come into your life, is created by people around and about you. It’s not necessarily or your doing, but everyone is an individual and the vibrations that they begin to feel can sometimes be disruptive.


You suffer from yourselves, because of your attitudes and your way of thinking. You create all the unhappiness and the misery as it enters your world, even disease, you know. I could go into depth on that, all the terrible things that happen in your world, in some shape or form, invariably are brought about by man. Of course there are natural things, like earth quakes and things, which are not mans creation, but then again he goes on disturbing nature. Look at all the rubbish you have put into the Heavens, into the sky and into the ground and in the sea.


Of course mans going on to reap for all that a very unhappy future. I don’t understand why people don’t see this, that they are themselves the ones that create the havoc and the unhappiness and the miseries, also of course they should think about happiness and joy if they go about things in the right way, man makes his own Heaven and Hell.

It goes ahead, It goes a long way ahead, you see, what you don’t realize is that nothing’s static, everything is change, everything is movement, no one stays still mentally of spiritually or physically for that matter, when on earth, the same, life is all change, it has to be, there’s no such thing as being static. You see, all life is continuous, your body for instance when on earth is changing every second in a way, If only you could realize that, life is movement, and excitement, and change, and thrills.

Oh I wish I could explain it. When I first came here, I couldn’t make head or tale of it, (laughs) I couldn’t really, (still laughing) I thought well that bloody funny, you know. What’s that lad doing down there, well it was me you see, I didn’t realize what had happened, ‘coarse it hit me, then I suddenly thought that’s funny, it’s ever so odd. I suppose for some people when they see themselves for the first time around outside the body. Then I realised that people were making a lot of fuss, you know, then of course my Mum and Dad went round the bend, Mum did, she always put on a good show. You can’t help but laugh, when you look back on it.


You know, that being dead is the most wonderful exciting business, you know, from the moment you start, you realise and people come to look after you and help you and encourage you, and of course it pays you.  You’ll get someone who comes over, who really quite frankly, they’re so bewildered, and they sometimes think they are in a dream, they don’t want to wake up, they don’t even realise that they have kicked the bucket. Oh! It’s ever so good, no one need fear it you know, its something to look forward to, no one need worry about dying, it’s a lovely, lovely thing.


Because of the experience of being in a hospital, and all that and operations is nasty, people dread that part of it obviously, but once your out of the body, Ohhhh, I’ll bore you, you’re as light as a feather, and you can go here and go there. You can see people and what people are up to; you’ll have a few shocks of course, people you thought was such nice people on the surface you realise that their bloody awful, underneath, you know.


Anyone who is deeply interested in the things of spirit, and they’ve lost someone physically that is, that they worship and love and has meant life itself to them, and they think ‘Oh dear, I wish I could really believe’, you know, ‘that there is a life after death and that I will meet my dear so and so’. Perhaps they are sitting rather morbid and alone and depressed, then all of sudden the bloody fishbowl floats up in the air, and the fish are going mad, you see, and that makes them think, ‘Oh, what’s that? You know, it must be psychic you see, it gives them some strength, don’t it? There must be something for that to happen, you know. You see, we do try and do silly things, I mean you would be surprised. I mean we do all sorts of odd bits and pieces. We move objects on shelves sometimes, or take flowers out of their vases, to give them an idea that we’ve been there. If it’s possible to do anything simple like that, we do it. A lot depends on circumstances, but you see everybody’s searching, there not necessarily all searching in the same way, they are all wanting something. Invariably they want conviction, invariably they want comfort, they want upliftment, they want to know that death is not the end, and that eventually they are going to be with their loved ones again and that’s the thing, and the most important thing of the lot. It’s not until you have lost someone on your side that you really begin to fully appreciate it.


But that’s something about people, you take each other for granted, you love them just the same and you appreciate everything they say and do.   Sometimes you have a bit of a tiff or a misunderstanding then you have regrets. But looking back, people must realise that there’s so much that they might have done that they didn’t do, and there’s so many things when you first come here. You think, Oh dear, I might have said so and so or I might have done so and so, why did I do that? People have regrets and if you could realise, it’s not the easiest thing to be nice and kind and considerate and helpful and uplifting to people while you’ve got them, and your making use of them in a way. You can’t help laughing, but human nature is a funny thing altogether, often the one you love most is the one you hurt most, you don’t always do it intentionally, obviously, and when you come here you look back and it’s as if your whole life in a way goes before you. That’s what they say about people who are drowning, that they have this sort of vision if you like, of what their life was. Well I’m not saying that is exactly like that, but the thing is, here you have a golden opportunity while you are still in your world, to do the things of the spirit while yet in the flesh, and you can become a much warmer, kinder, understanding person than you actually are or have been.


You have got a golden opportunity, I mean, If you believe as we hope you believe, with the things we tell you about and try to help you with, if it doesn’t make you a nicer, kinder and warmer person, and a more considerate person, then we haven’t done our job. But you see ninety percent of the people, I shouldn’t say this but its true, old Les is right really, a lot of the people going into the spiritualist churches, I’m not saying that they haven’t been convinced about life after death, but they’ve not really changed in themselves. They are still bitchy, I mean, you go into any spiritualist church, and I’ve been in few believe me, I’ve been there standing waving my hands, trying to attract the mediums attention, being completely ignored, and I think, well I don’t know, she says she clairvoyant and she can’t see bugger all, you know, and I get fed up.


The point is, you get all this in the churches don’t you, you get people who have a go at each other, committee’s and boards, I know I shouldn’t say it but it’s true, we are all in this work together, doing the work of God, doing the work of the Spirit, and we should all be trying desperately to be a kinder, warmer and more considerate. It’s not the easiest thing, sometimes somebody irritates or annoys you and you feel “Oh God”, you know, but the point is you have got to put yourself behind you. You know, a lot of people can’t do that, and they want to be the king pin, or they want to be on the platform, and they are saying to themselves, “Oh, I can do better than what she’s doing” and they probably could anyway, but the point is you have got to make allowances, no one’s perfect, and we’re all striving for something, and we don’t quite know what it is were striving for. In any case, everyone would be uncomfortable in the perfect world, I’m not in a perfect world, and I’ve never met anyone over here who would say that they are in a perfect world. We are in different states of being according to our evolution and our development, and we’re happy in that environment, because that the environment to which we have achieved over a period of what you call time, although we don’t see time as you understand it. Everything is a matter of state of mind, I don’t know, sometimes I come down and I look into your world and I think “Oh I don’t know”.


We do the best as best we can, we try to help people, we try to comfort them, we try to give them insight into the things that really matter. And a lot of those people, well they do the best they can, perhaps I shouldn’t say it, but they could do a lot better. You know it’s funny, I could say, but I better not, But you know you’ve got a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful truth and it worries me that sometimes you don’t appreciate it or something like that, they just take it for granted. I mean, they go along and they do the blessings and cheers them up, gives them a bit of comfort for a day or two and then something goes wrong somewhere, perhaps the bloody roller blind collapse or something, you know, they get fed up and annoyed. You can’t help me laughing though, there’s all this weakness and all the things that go on, there’s a lot that…, I get a giggle sometimes, when I come down here and I see what’s going on through people I know. And I do visit people from time to time and they get all worked up and all tense, and sometimes it’s so silly, I know they can’t help it probably, If only they’d realise that although the things they are worried or concerned about are important because they are still in the material world, and they have to be considered, it’s not the be all and the end all. When you come here and you look back, and you see yourself as you really were, all the stupidities and all the things that went on that caused irritation and frustration, and sometimes that’s led you to behave very badly to someone you love, It’s all very sad in that respect.  


But everyone has a sort of, Well I don’t know, if only you could see it the way we see it, if each day you tried to become a little better, try to do things better than you did the previous day, with a little more thought and concern about other people rather than yourself. You see a lot of people are in love with themselves, and that’s a terrible thing, everyone should be anxious to better yourselves and improve in the material, spiritual and psychic sense yes, but if you are going to be in love with yourself, and a lot of people are, they would never admit and perhaps even realise it, but their main concern is what’s in it for me, and what am I going to get out of it and is it going to be worth my while. That’s not an attitude to have in life, it’s what you can do and what you can achieve in life, not just for self but for others and to give yourself in loving service to others and forget yourself. That’s when you begin to grow mentally and spiritually.


Here endeth!!! Isn’t it funny, even the tiniest little cottage can have everything and you can be in a mansion have nothing, I’ve found more love, more harmony, more beauty, more comfort with some people who love in a little tiny miserable place. It shines from within themselves. I’ve been to places where, Oh blimey, cost millions, they’re as miserable as I don’t know what, and there not nice people either. A lot to learn!

Going round, playing harps, singing hymns. They don’t realise we’re real people, we have progressed, we have developed, we have opened up our consciousness, and have evolved and become more spiritually aware. Like me, I came here was I was what elevenish? And I’ve grown up over here. When I come back to you lot, I revert mentally, well I hope I don’t, well I revert back to my old self, more or less as you would see me if you could see me. But I have leant a great deal, I may talk common, but I can talk posh too. I feel it’s best to be as I am and how you expect me to be. You know people have got no idea, they think that you get to the other side and you suddenly become holier than thou, and you run around with a harp and play it with all the rest singing hymns, who would want eternal life singing hymns and playing harps?   Rather be dead and know nothing.


No it’s all crazy, actually when you analyze all these different religions, different beliefs, yet fundamentally the same truth is there, because, you can’t eradicate, as you call it, what is reality, but man has created this sort of religious aspect of things which has little or nothing to do with the truth. If there is no life after death, what’s the point of religion? Then you get those barmy people, you know, who really are narrow minded and they think everyone is going to hell and they are the only one’s going to be saved, they’re all going to be carried up to the clouds, Gawd stone the crows!  Old age is thing that’s purely material, when you get rid of the old chrysalis the butterfly comes out, you’d be surprised, you see some of these poor old things on your side, looking like I don’t know what, being wheeled around, poor old things, aches and pains, and moaning and groaning, and their scared stiff of kicking the bucket They’re holding on to anybody they can hold on too, pushing them like mad. They won’t let themselves be released in some cases, if only they’d realise how much better off it would be, I mean I can understand that there are some people who are scared stiff of dying. I think it’s all those horror films you have and that, gives people the wrong ideas. Really, if it wasn’t sad, sometimes it’s funny.


There are these people who really were something on your side as the world sees it, and they were full of themselves, how important they were, indeed some of them thought the world wouldn’t go on without them, bloody hell, you should see them over here, cooo! They’ve had to learn to change, I’ll tell you.


You know people make me laugh, people go to spook meetings, an spiritualist meeting and all that and they think it’s all going to be very religious, and they sing their hymns and try to outdo one another by singing higher or lower whatever, and they think that as a medium, (you can’t help laughing,) they think it should all be on a high spiritual level, no one’s saying it shouldn’t be, but what they don’t realise is, that if you want to do the work of the spirit, then you do that work the best you can under the prevailing circumstances and conditions, which are presented by the people who are there, they’re the ones who supply the atmosphere, they’re the ones who supply the conditions and to some extent supply the power.


But you see, you mustn’t get this idea that our world consists of people who are very highly and mentally spiritually evolved. Of course they are on the higher levels, the higher plains, and you don’t have to be necessarily on the very low plain to be normal as the world understands it, be as you were when on earth. I mean, as we come down into your environment so does, to some extent, we take on temporarily your conditions, your aspect of things, and then in consequence sometimes, and sometimes it’s done for evidential reasons, we revert to the old self.   I’ve heard people say, ‘he doesn’t half use bad language at times’, what’s wrong with that? You read the Bible, there’s more filth in the Bible than any other book ever written.


Alright; ‘Bleedin’ you cut yourself and you bleed, but somebody once said, ‘Ohh, that boy, he uses bad words like Bleedin’, what’s wrong with that? The time to worry is when you don’t bleed. You get some of these people; let’s face it, their well meaning and their kind, and all the rest of it, and they think that the spirit world should be very, very holy, and that we should all be talking to each other in a very spiritual language, and we should all be every now and then bursting out with song, you know, singing ‘Stand Up, Stand Up’ or whatever, It would be boring.


We are all people of different levels, and we are all searching for greater Realization and aspiration, and we enter into different environments according to our evolution or development, and there are some of us near the earth who have to work with you lot anyway, and we pick up from you an all. People have said to me, you talk of certain things that weren’t existing in your day when you were on earth, well of course not, I pick them up from you lot. He he, if you get attached to someone, like old Les, the point is, I take a lot from him and he takes a lot from me, and that’s what good mediumship’s all about. That’s another thing that people don’t realise because mediumship is being in tune and in touch with the instrument that you use. Obviously if you are that close in encounter you will take from the medium certain things or the people who sit with the medium, my vocabulary, good, bad and indifferent is on                                                                                              different levels according to the people I have to be with. Whereas you lot, I mean if someone comes and as a sitting and swears like a trooper, doesn’t mean to say that I’ve got to swear like a trooper, but it registers in the condition of the atmosphere. People have got funny ideas, they think that because you kick the bucket, you suddenly become very angelic, well how boring we’d all be if we were all that angelic. We wouldn’t want to be here, we’d want to be somewhere else. The point is there are different levels according to one’s evolution and consciousness and, people have got funny ideas, they really have about us, we’re real people, we’re not conjured up and made from imaginary things


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