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Mental Mediumship

What is 'Mental' Mediumship? 


Mental Mediumship, is what is received through the mind of a medium from a spirit entity while the medium is in a receptive and altered state of mind.  Try to liken it to a telephonist. A telephonist picks up her phone line and there is a person asking her to connect them to another person.   So let us place the medium as the telephonist receiving a message from the spirit (the person making the call to the recipient).   The medium then tells the person (The recipient) what the mediums is receiving from the spirit person.   The only difference is, that the medium does the talking and depending on how good he/she is at making their link depends on the clarity of the message being given.


Mental Mediumship falls into a number of categories, but here are the three main ones that the working medium uses.


a.   Clairvoyance        (Seeing what spirit are communicating to you)

b.   Clair-sentience     (Sensing what spirit are communicating to you)

c.   Clair-audience      (Hearing the spoken word from spirit)


These descriptions are brief and we will try to explain them to you in more detail in the following paragraphs.


There are other forms of mental mediumship that could be mentioned, such as psychic art or inspired writing, but generally these adopt or fall into the three categories mentioned above.



Clairvoyance or Clear Seeing - A vision in the mind in picture form.


The dictionary gives the following description of Clairvoyance:


1.   The supposed power to perceive things that are out of the natural range of human senses, attributed to certain individuals.   2.   Acute intuitive perceptiveness.  


I can only say that there is no supposed about it.   Mediums are able to adjust their minds to a state of reception whereby they are able to see, sense and hear things far beyond the audible range of the normal human being.    Clairvoyance is the ability of being able to see pictures, places, objects and colours sent from the spirit world.   It is this particular gift that allows the spirit, through the medium, to describe things to those they wish to communicate with.   This also includes symbolism.   Images, which are in fact visual clues from the communicating spirit. 


Clair-audience or Clear Hearing - Hearing the voices of spirit people.


Clair-audience is the mediums gift of hearing spirit voices.   Remembering of course that this is still an interpretation.   The Medium for example, hears a voice in their ear, (but it is also possible to hear a thought,) they then tell the person who is being read, the recipient, what has been said.   The medium is able  to detect accents, age, tone and speed.


Clair-sentience or Feeling - The ability to sense feelings.


Clair-sentience is the art of being able to sense feelings and impressions from spirit, especially of letting the mediums know how they passed.   For example; they may sense a painful sensation around the heart area to show a heart attack.   Pressure or breathing difficulty to the chest to show a lung or breathing problem, even joint pains can often be felt.   They can also include how the spirit person felt, emotions like euphoria, fear, panic or well-being can be interpreted.


Under this category, i think we can also include what some call as Claioma, smell, scents that are associated with people in spirit.   Spirit will quite often place a smell about the medium which could be associated with their place of work, their favourite perfumes or even their favourite flower.   All which help to establish identity.


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