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Materialisation:   Probably the most dramatic form of physical mediumship and takes a very long period of development.   Nandor Fodor  (Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science,) says,  "That materialisation is the appearance of temporary, more or less organised substances in varying degrees of solidification and possessing human physical characteristics:  limbs, faces, eyes, heads, full figures, shaped for a temporary existance out of "Ectoplasm" by an unknown agency. "


The medium usually needs to be in a deep trance state and enclosed within a "Cabinet", which is an enclosed area normally formed with curtains.   The ectoplasmic forms will normally and usually only be felt, as this is carried out in a blacked out room, and will continue in this manner until the spirit controls grant permission for the introduction of a dimmed red light.   At this stage of development, the circle guides will be able to communicate their requirements clearly, which must be followed absolutely to the letter.    This is a requirement for the protection of not only the medium, but for the whole of the circle.   At NO time should a sitter attemp to touch an ectoplasmic form without the proir and explicit permission of the spirit controls.   Serious damage and injury can result to the medium and sometimes the sitters too.


Materialised forms, at the turn of the century 19/20th, were common place in red light at home circles.   Many photgraphs have been taken and scientists have, under test conditions, examined many of the materialised forms and found them to have normal body heat, a pulse from a heart beat and normal texture of skin. 


Prof Charles Richet (Thirty Years of Physical Research) Says; "A living being, or living matter, formed under our eyes, which has its proper warmth, apparently a circulation of blood, and a psychological respiration.   A psychic personality having a will distict from the will of the medium, in a word, a new human being!"   He went on to say of Marthe, "I have seen admirably modeled fingers with nails, I have seen a head and felt the skull under thick black hair, A well materialised hand has the functional capacity of a normal hand."


Some very famous materialisation mediums were:   Helen Duncan, Alex Harris, Estelle Roberts, Carmine Mirabelli, The Eddy Brothers, Jack Webber, DD Home and Florence Cook but to name a few.


There are many examples of this kind.  For the students who wishes to go further along this field in their studies of Pschic Phenomenon and especially Physical Mediumship.   The internet is a mine field of information.



Credits:   Nandor Fodor - Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science




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