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Magnus - Colin Fry

Magnus, Speaks about his Life on Earth

I led a thoroughly miserable and self centred life upon the earth plane, and when one has to review one’s own existence upon the earth plane.   When one is enforced to look at the portrait of one’s own painting, one can either encounter, an image that is satisfactory, that is pleasing to view, or one can review, a ghastly abomination of one’s own time upon the earth plane.   Every word, every deed, every action is a brush stroke upon the canvas of your lives, my friends, paint for yourselves a pretty picture, and not like I, an abomination.

Once I had passed into the spirit of spirit, I had shed physical form my friends, realised that my life had accounted for nothing. I knew not of true love. I had no love for my wife, for my children. I had no love for those unfortunate to be in my employ.   Possession and finance were the rules I lived my life in. I realised that my life had been unworthy, and I asked that I be given the opportunity to be of service, and by the grace of the enlightened ones and almighty God, I have been given the opportunity to be of service to life, to existence, and I am enlightened, fulfilled, and I now know truly of unconditional love, and this my friends I wish to share with you. I say to you in sincerity my friends, do not go through you existence, believing, that it doesn’t matter, It does indeed matter, very much.   You shall judge yourselves by how you have been able to love, to give love and to receive love and to be in harmony.   That is indeed very important.

My dear friends, although I like not speaking of my earthly life a great deal, I would like to recount the story of my time upon the earth plane and I would beg your indulgence.

There was a time that I had a London house, in the district of London which is known as Kensington.   And I had in my employ a young girl by the name of Molly, A young girl that I paid very little attention too, and until the incident that occurred, I would have to say that I probably not even noticed her presence in my home. In fact, of all my domestic staff I would say, that they were no more important to me, then the ant beneath my feet.  This young girl was a timid, and shy and frail child of fourteen years of age.   As a maid and the most junior maid in the house one of her duties was to clean the grates in the drawing room and the other major rooms in the house. On this particular day I had been driven into a rage by a business acquaintance of mine.   Of cause the rage had been caused by my desire to have a great a sum of money from the transaction than he was prepared to offer.   I swept into my drawing room as this child was in the process of tidying the fire.   As I swept in I slammed the door behind me and startled the child most terribly.   In her startled state she knocked a cinder from the fire, and caused there to be, a very small burn on a silk rug that lay before the fireplace.   As I saw the smouldering of this rug, my rage was increased tenfold, I grabbed the child and dragged her from the drawing room, the child did not scream or shout she was in such great fear of me.

I descended the steps into the servants quarters and demanded her removal from the house immediately.   I gave this incident no more thought until my time of passing when I was enforced to face my life, and the consequences of all the actions that I had taken.   I discovered that this child, a mere fourteen years of age, had no family and had no funds, and within a period of eight weeks of having her evicted from my house, she died in a gutter in the back streets of Whitechapel. Her body was not discovered for a period of three weeks, by which time a large part of her body had been consumed by rats.   Within a short of facing this time of review of my earthly existence, the spirit of this child was brought to me, and much to my surprise, she offered to me her unconditional love, and her forgiveness.

I hope you understand the significance of this story my friends?   Do not let your deeds or your words or you actions be the means by which you shall punish yourselves at your time of review, my friends.   Do not wait as I did until the time of passing to be of service to one another.   Be of service to life and to one another and give and receive unconditional love, and know that you exist in the plane of spirit, whose glory and beauty, and the presence of God is as much so, any state that you shall develop of evolve to.

I thank you for your indulgence my friends, and with your kind permission, I shall now take my leave of your company.   Now I shall say unto you, may God bless and keep you. Good day to you my friends.


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