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Magnus - Ectoplasm

A Guide Speaks about Levels of Trance

Communication and Ectoplasm


H: We were talking before the séance about the communications coming through mind of the medium, do we not get a clearer communication from a physical séance rather than Trance?


Guide: Well my dear you must understand, of course in the physical séance the communication is as clear as it can possibly be, in a trance state it can be equally as clear depending on the depth of the trance. Yet completive functions are stilled then the communication can indeed be very clear and be very…. ‘pure’, would be a fair word to use, yes.   But if there is any degree on consciousness or awareness during an interned state it would always be tainted with the consciousness of the medium.   Is this understandable, yes?


H: Yes.


D: Are you saying, that through the independent voice that there would be 100% free of any plaint of the medium’s thoughts or…?


Guide: What you think of percentages my friend; I would have to say 98%.


D: Thank you very much.


Guide: In a well controlled trance situation, we can hope for 95% clarity.  But of course my friend as you are well aware, good trance control is very rare.  Prejudices and fancies of a link will taint the communication.   For there are many that would profess a trust in us in allowing us to communicate, but that is somewhat of a self diluents for there are very few that trust us completely to allow us complete control of their functions.   Yet there are not, regrettably, many upon the earth plane that has the facility, the gift that would allow us the opportunity to develop

them.  It is regrettable that probably, more so in your times, than any that has been before, instant gratification seems to be the rule of the thumb.


Sitters: All Agree


J: But you often say during trance with the link, I’ll take him deeper, as if you in spirit are taking him deeper. Isn’t it possible to do that with other people in trance?


Guide: No. Well my dear, I can not speak for other links, but I would say that with our own link, is that we have evolved, we have adjoined to a link that will entrust himself to us completely. I can think of no others since, in your memories my friends since Mr. Barbanell, who would allow them selves to be controlled in the manner that our medium will.   Develop that extent of trust in us were a constant, almost constant rapore with us whether it be using the cognitive functions of the mind, or whether it be in the entranced state, a rapore does take place between us and the diamond and our link, I would have to say more or less on a constant basis.   Is this understandable to you my friends.


My dear boy. Since passing to our side of life, even your good lady, who I have had many a conversation with. “Can your hear me”. (DM replied “I Do, I do hear you”) Even your good lady who I have had many a conversation with, has entrusted to us in conversation that even her own trance mediumship, full trance rather than deep trance, that is not say that she did not entrust the communicators that worked through her, but an aspect of her consciousness, could not, or would not relinquish complete control and that is understandable, we can only communicate by consent.   We can only communicate to the extent that that consent will; I think we will say that I am stretched to. Yes?    A, my friend, you my friend must take a great deal of the credit for how we have been able to develop our link, to ensure that he was able to entrust himself to us completely.

(“Thank you” A, replied). Although there may seem to you, my friends, times of inactivity within your circle, you must never underestimate the benefits of development that has transpired because of this circle and

our friends that sit on the weeks in between.


A: We are hoping that some of the things we do here, or you do here, will give encouragement to other circles, we are hoping that there are two or three other circles with our knowledge might come on. So is it right for us to encourage them?


Guide: To some degree, my friend, but a great deal of what transpires in this circle must remain a matter of confidentiality until such times that it is developed to an extent that it may be displayed to the greater number.


A: Yes, we understand. Have you any idea what happened to the blue box during the time that we sat last, the lid itself was taken completely off, the end of the séance when we sat last time, the 27th I believe, one side of the box was secured with a cable tie, today when I looked at it that cable tie was gone. Can you explain that, do you know it happened?


Guide: I was not directly a party to the experimentation on that occasion, but for a matter of urgency while energy exists so that a written message may take place; the phenomenon was somewhat of a course nature. To be ensured that the message could be conveyed with the limited energy that was available to do so.

Does that understanding do for you my friend?


A: Well anyway I gratified that something could be done where….


Guide: Of course my friend, you see although it was not possible for you to be together, development must still transpire, within your understanding at the appointed time. That is to say, my friend, if you cannot be present, to give your thoughts to the occasion, at the appointed time is almost as helpful. Is that understandable?


A: Yes, I understand.


Guide: Let us move on my friends, for it is regrettable that on this occasion our time with you will be limited.


A: Right you are M…., have you got anything to say, any questions?


M: Yes, I was just wondering, with the photographic experiments, when you will be able to proceed a little bit more? If you have got any plans for that?


Guide: Oh! My friend, many plans, many plans, but there is no point in proceeding if we are only to repeat what we have done so far. It must be at such a time when we can confidently be sure that we are able to produce something different to what has already been presented.


A: D, will you ask, if I may break in here M. D, will you make sure that the ultraviolet thing, will you get some information?


D: The Guide says, to not use it until he says bring it in.


A: Right you are. (To Guide; “Is that correct?”)


Guide: That is indeed so, my friend.


D: The intention and I didn’t have a chance really to discuss it tonight before coming in……


Guide: Well my dear friend, may I most respectfully say to you, that you should discuss very little with the link, for he is,…’conditioned’…….no that would be to strong a word, for that would imply that we have undue influence over his consciousness. He is encouraged to show very little interest in what transpires. Therefore my friends do not be disappointed if out link shows very little interest in what happens during the course of séances, or in what we have said. It is by our instigation that we encourage him to show little interest. Do you understand why, my friends, we wish him to show little interest?


D: So that he doesn’t influence…?


Guide: Quite, my friend.


D: The thought that I had was, that periodically in readiness, in case you wish photographs to be taken later, to try out a number of colours of different frequencies to see which one you think is the best to use.


Guide: My dear friend, when there is to be light, we will bring the light.   You will not need to supply any light of your own.


D: Can you explain that more for us.


Guide: When we are to materialize visibly, my friend, we will self illuminate.


D: I see. Thank you.


Guide: In this we do eliminate any danger of light that may be induced upon the physical vibration. Is this understandable, my friend?


D: Yes it is.


A: May we have you opinion on a Dr. Crandon coming through the Karaoke and closed mike system last time we sat. Is it permissible for us to send an excerpt with Dr. Crandon’s voice only, to Stuart Alexander’s circle?


Guide: Most definitely not, my friend. For if there is to be any development in this respect in Mr. Alexander’s circle, then it must be done so without any undue suggestion from other sauces.


A: Right you are. J….., have you got something to ask?


M talking to J: About the medium being let out of his ties last time.


Guide: When the ectoplasmic substance is extracted from the body, my friends, the molecular structure of the body is more able to pass through matter, for it is after all, the ectoplasmic substance that binds physical matter. Is this understandable to you? Therefore it was merely an experiment.


M: So the body is sort of a fluid state, when the ectoplasm has been removed?


Guide: That is indeed so, my friend. This has to be so, for in times when we have borrowed part of the physical matter of the link, it would appear to you that limbs and matter of the body have disappeared, that is indeed of course, not so, it has been turned, if you like, into a fluid state to join the ectoplasmic substance to give it…..bulk, I think you would say, yes?


H: You know, I now this is a silly question, but how do your going to get it all….if it’s in a mass, in the right place?


Guide: My dear, have you ever undertaken to complete a jigsaw puzzle? (Answered, yes). You would know that with practice, a jigsaw puzzle or jigsaw puzzles, become an easier task to accomplish. Those that work in these matters within the diamond, have a very deep understanding of the physiology and the biology of the human physical form.


Guide: Indeed this must be so my dear, this is why we a fearful that there has been much talk of new energies. Just as over successive generations of our side of life, experimentation has been undertaken to ensure that the ectoplasmic substance becomes a safe form of phenomena under controlled circumstances, We are fearful of the diamond with this talk of new energy, but of course it is not, there is no new energy, there is but energy and variation of its applications. There is no…history, I think that that is a fare word to say, would you not say so

Mr. R………, there is no history of development with this application of phenomena, we are fearful that in due course someone will become harmed. (Mr. R agreed).


A: But it’s being said, that it is totally safe and it can’t happen


Guide: My dear, my dear friend Alan does advise me that there were men of science that professed that the splitting of the atom and its consequences would be perfectly safe. The form of energy that you would know as microwaves, are perfectly safe, and yet your men of science now, will tell you that is not entirely so. There are those that will push for photographic evidence that our presence at, the process that you know of as filming, yes, that will tell you that infra red is perfectly safe, and yet Dominic my boy, you have studies that will show that infra red is not safe and is damaging to the structure of the Mothic form even under normal circumstances were phenomena is not being undertaken.


D: That’s right, yes. Some light, if it’s infra red can burn, you can use Infra red to cook a chicken. (Sitter: It’s the degree of Infra red though isn’t it?).


Guide: Alteration to the structure of form my friend, how can you govern the outcome. You can not unless you will work in conjunction with us on our side of life.


H: I’m feeling so guilty,


Guide: Why do you feel guilty my dear?


H: Because I knew what you said about microwaves and I’ve fought buying one, and I’ve just bought one, I’m not using it.


Guide: If you undertake to use this according to its safety precautions, then I can not see that you will do any more damage then any other energy that you come in contact with my dear.


H: I won’t do damage to the outer, you know, the outer limits, I won’t do any harm if I can help it.


Guide: But my dear, all that you do, all that you do causes some harm somewhere. It is a matter of moderating the degree of harm that you bring to bear.


H: Thank you.


A: Are you at the moment satisfied with our limit of our electronic equipment in the room?


Guide: I do not believe that it needs to be added to anymore my friends, at the present time. It is quite adequate. In returning to you previous question my dear, Brenda, my dear. Remember that at the other side of the world, the beating of a butterfly’s wings will bring to bear a hurricane somewhere else. Has the butterfly by beating its wings intentionally caused conflict else where. (B: No.) But yet it has come to be.


H: So everything that we all do, a beetle or anything is causing harm to someone or something on the earth?


Guide: Indeed so my dear. Every time you breathe you destroy immeasurable numbers of life. Of course if you do not destroy for the energy mainly becomes converted, transformed. Death is but an illusion, if there is no intention of harm. That which comes to destroy must also intern be brought to bare to create. This is a spiritual aspect my friends, of what you will come to call or what I believe you call, ‘the ways of nature’. Yes, you understand? It is with regret my friends that I must shortly take my leave of you. I hope that our limited conversation on this occasion has been to some degree fruitful for you.


D: It is full of very good information that none of us had before. We thank you for it.


Guide: You are most kind my friend, but in reality my dear boy, I can tell you nothing that you do not already know your self, I can only strive to bring realization of that which already rests within you.


D: I’ll be looking for it. Thank you.


A: When you retire tonight, may I ask is there anyone else who will come Or should we close the sitting down after you have withdrawn.


Guide: I understand that there will be an attempt at one more communication. But for the moment, I must take my leave of you, may God bless, and keep you.


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