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The raising and movemnet of objects in a seance room, such as trumpets, toys and even the medium.   Trumpets usually fly around the room in a controlled manner avoiding hitting sitters or objects in the darkened seance room but occasionally gentally tapping a sitter on the head, hands or face.


The medium most noted for his levitations was of course Daniel Douglas Home.   He, during a seance, was transported out of a window in one room of a house and in through the window of the room next to it.   This took place some seventy feet above the street level and the windows were seven feet apart.   The whole levitation was witnessed by Lord Dunraven,  then the Lord Adare.    Earl Crawford, then the Master of Lindsay and one Captain Charles Wynne a cousin of Earl Crawford.   An amazing fete that many have tried to explain away or duplicate.   To date no-one has succeeded and it is still talked about today.


It is quite common now for a demonstarting mediums at the end of a seance, to be transported out of the cabinet and into the middle of the circle.   It has also been known for them to be transported into another room whilst still tied to the chair that they are sat in, and none of the seals on the seance room doors or windows being broken, so this is also a case of de-materialisation and re-materialisation in the new location.   (See Carmine Mirrabelli.)


Telekinesis,  some prefer to call it Psychokinesis or PK which promulgates the theory of mind over matter.   This being the movement of, or the changing of the properties, of objects without physical contact. 


The most exhaustive experiments in this fireld of psychic phenomena appear to have been made by Dr W.J. Crawford, B.Sc., of Belfast which was spread over three consecutive years.   Crawford in his work, "Reality of Psychic Phenomena" and other works, claims that there in an invisible, or dimly visible, link between the individual and the object being moved.    He also states that it is an ectoplasmic connection, and that strong light disperses its power.


It therefore bears all the hallmarks of Physical Mediumship, even though it not usually linked in this way.


How does it work?


How it works is really not known for certain.   Parapsychologists believe that it is a demonstration of the physical influence of a persons brain which effects the physical world.   Robert L Shacklett at Speculations about PK says that laboratory tests demonstrate that "the release of relatively large amounts of physical energy can be triggered by thought power."   This power, because essentially we are connected to everything, and everything is connected to us, so we can, in our own mind, generate the power to move these connections.    A sort of manipulation of our magnetic fields.


Telekinesis, like many of our spiritual gifts, if often thought of as special.    Although it might seem that there are only a few gifted people with this talent, many believe that it is infact inherant in all of us.   We simply do not use it and over eons of time have forgotten how to use it.    But, like all psychic gifts, the re-development of this talent takes time and effort to develop.   Long days and hard nights of dedication.


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