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The Guide Talks about Hypnotism in
Relationship to Mediumship

Sitters are to remain anonymous.

Guide: I do not approve of hypnotism. Hypnotism my friend is self induced or induced by that of others, and is an interference on the
balance of the mind. All communications through entrancement is by cooperation.   I would have to say to you that I would strongly recommend, I would implore each and every one of you, not to indulge in hypnotism or hypnotherapy in the development of spiritual gifts.   Gifts are meant to develop by a natural course and not be enforced.   To enforce a gift will leave your selves open to all vibrations, good, bad and indifferent.

Sitter: Are you aware then of the French experience in the early nineteenth century, in which mesmerism gave rise to several
schools of clairvoyant development?

Guide: Oh yes, it also brought rise to hysteria my friend, it caused the balance of their minds to be interfered with by negative influences not
just from our side of life but from your side of life as well.   I am glad to say that all development must be by co-operation of the mind of the
medium and the circle they sit with, and our side of life.   Hypnotism or hypnotherapy or mesmerism does not bring about a natural
development of these gifts. I have to say that I strongly disapprove.

Sitter: OK! But it seemed to have a cultural influence on the early part of spiritualism?

Guide: Yes indeed it did, my friend, but then of course, one is meant to learn by the errors and mistakes of the past.


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