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Spiritual Healing

For centuries, doctors, healers and shamans used a combination of physical and mental (many would say "psychic"), medicine to cure their patients.   It has only been over the past two centuries that we have lost the mental aspect of healing, giving way to the advances of medical science.    However some doctors are willing to accept that the state of mind of a patient can effect the recovery process.   Some believe that Psychic healers concentrate on this aspect, and help the sick to heal themselves providing a psychic energy to boost this self healing power.  But what about spiritual healing?


Mental Healing: 


Mental Healing, is probably the most practised form of healing carried out today.   This is the healing that is usually carried out within your church healing groups, and in some cases, even practised within the authodox church.    In ancient times this was known as the 'King's Touch', but for most it is generally known as the laying on of hands., although, this is not always the case and some movements frown on the fact that you might make contact with the person being healed.   Even standing behind them and placing your hands on their shoulders  is not the correct or approved way.


However, some healers prefer to work by contact, even if it is only placing their hands on the shoulders of the person they are healing.   Personally, I start in this way and usually move around the auric field of the person, until guided to where their problem or problems are.   I make no contact with the person, and when you consider that my eyes are closed throughout the healing process, I think it remarkable that no contact is made.   I should also point out, that I never, ever, practice healing on anyone, unless there is another person in the room, and preferably a female.  This is purely a protective issue, for both the healer and those being healed. 


Because of the issues of political correctness in everything we do to-day in this country, and within the spiritualist movement, my way of healing is not allowed within the confines of churches or anything connected to the movement.  I am also required to be registered with one bureaucratic agency or another, who choose to elevate themselves on to pinicles of grandeur, whilst dictating man made laws which can only restrict the passage of spiritual healing energies.   Energies I might add, that are the gifts of the spirit world,  (not the dictorial bureaucrats,) and given to those who spirit choose to use as healers, and to pass on freely, those beautiful healing energies, to those who are in need of them.  (I'll get off my soap box now.)


During the healing process, some healers like to have some gentle music playing in the background, this helps to create an ambience of tranquility to the proceedings.   It also helps the medium to relax and allows the healing guide to make a better connection, and of course the better the connection the better the results.  Spiritual healing requires no participation from those receiving the healing, not even for the person to be present.   This is done by what is termed 'absent healing' which will be explained later.   Of those present, for what they call "Contact Healing", (another contradiction,)  all that is asked, is that they relax and be of an open mind.   Spiritual healing is carried out by the Spirit Guide of the medium and requires no physical skills on the part of the medium, only to be attuned enough to their guide, to know where the healing is to be directed.   As in mental mediumship the healer is just the person who works between the two worlds, just like the telephonist on the company switchboard, making the connections when requested to do so.


Absent Healing:


Absent healing is healing that is sent to the person requiring the healing.   The best way to explain this I think is, try to think of it as a radio wave which leaves a radio station by being transformed into those waves and frequencies and passing around the earth until arriving at you radio where it is turned back into understandable sound that you can listen to.   Absent healing is requested by the healer and send out on the ethers, just like radio waves, to the person who the healing has been asked for.   Here we have a vital difference to normal healing.   Anyone can send out healing, it is all to do with thinking about that person and sending them your love and asking for them to be made well again.    There is nothing magical about it.   It works on the love vibration, and your desire to send that love to them. 


Even with the world in the state that it is in, I personally ask for healing every night, for Mother earth and her plants, all the children who are lost and sick, the animal kingdom, all those people who are sick in the mind, for those who have committed what we might call unpardonable sin.   Why?  Because what right have I to offer judgement.   Who knows? I might find myself walking along the same pathway one day, maybe not in this life time, but it is not impossible that in another life.  It would be nice to think that there was someone sending hope to me.  If every person in the world was to follow a simple procedure of sending healing love onto the ethers, every night, to be used in what ever way the God force decided to use it, I truly believe that the world would be a different place.


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