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Colin Fry - Physical Medium

Colin Fry was born on May 19th 1962 in Hayward's Heath, West Sussex, where he claimed to have discovered psychic ability from the age of four.  His mother Margaret, a student nurse, had intended to remain at home after the birth but suffered from post-partum depression and decided that work would be beneficial.   Colin was raised in large by his maternal grandmother, Lilian, with whom Colin shared a close - he would say psychic - bond.

In April 2015, Colin was diagnosed as being terminally ill with lung cancer and died on 25th August 2015 aged 53.  Colin was a medium who relayed messages from the "So Called Dead" to audiences in Australia, New Zealand, Norway, and Japan.   On British television he featured in paranormal reality shows such as Most Haunted, The 6ixth Sense.   Also appearing with his good friends, Derek Acora and Tony Stockwell and the three Mediums, and with Tony as Psychic Detectives, trying to solve true life crimes not solved by local police.

A charismatic and warm person.   Colin's stage pronouncements were most often extremely accurate.   Bereaved grandchildren were instructed to tidy there rooms; and dead parents reassured their off springs that the end had been relativelly peaceful.   Members of his audience were always encouraged to seek professional help if he felt they were struggling to cope with their loss.

Though he had initially refused to appear on television on the grounds that most programmes made fun of Spiritualism, Colin gave into then at the age of 40.   The format of the shows however, tendered once again towards the predictable.   A message broadcast before 6ixth sense admitted that "different positions exists as to the true nature of "clairvoyance and clairaudience".   Nevertheless the subject has proved adaptable to the small screen.   Most Haunted completed its 17th series in 2015.

Although Colin was noted for his work on stage and the giving of messages as a clairvoyant medium, he was actually an excellent Trance and Physical medium.   His trance work was usually done under the auspicious eye of his spirit guide and mentor, "Magnus", who gave wonderful and meaningful addresses to the audience.   He also answered many random questions given to him by his audience and on many, many varying subjects.   (You can read a parts of Magnus's story on this website).   With regards to Colin's Physical Mediumship, I can only say that it was second to none and rivalling that of the Great "Leslie Flint".   To sit in a seance with Colin was a great privilege.

Except for the few private sittings that he would hold, Colin gave up the physical mediumship side of his career in 2006/2007.   This brought about the demise of the Noah's Arc Society of which he was the only Physical Medium who they had demonstrating for them at that time.   He went on in his career and concentrated more on the demands of television work.   Skeptics countered that Colin's main talent lay in basic "cold reading" techniques - the art of analysing body language in order to make high-probability guesses about a person.

The only negative thing that happened during his career as a medium, was in 1992, whilst working under the pseudonym of "LINCON" , Colin was caught out during a seance at Scole, and when the lights were turned unexpectedly, revealing that he, Colin, was stood holding a spirit trumpet that was meant to be suspended in mis-air.   Later the incident was put down to his relative inexperience at the time.

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