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January 16th 2011 - An article taken from a book, (title know known), about the incredible mediumship of Annie Eva Fay

Seances From the History Books

These Articles or Seance reports are from Seances on the past.   Some very old and some not so old, but nevertheless an important historical part of past and our leaning curve.

Annie Eva Fay     - An "Incredible Phenomenon" - A Sceptics view

Florence Cook  -  from the book, "There Is No Death" By Florence Marryat  

Estelle Roberts - Human Drama's in the Seance Room  

Alex Harris - Materialisation Report By Harry Dawson   

David Duguid - A psychic Artist    

Rita Gould  - (Part 1) by Michael Roll    

Rita Gould  - (Part 2) by Michael Roll    

Helen Duncan(Part 1) by Cecil Kennet        (you may have been experiencing some difficulty viewing this file.   I think that I have now solved the problem but regrettably, I have had to remove the photograph of Albert, Helen's Guide, which I believe caused the problem.)

Helen Duncan  - (Part 2) by Cecil Kennet.      The long awaited second part of the Helen Duncan Seances with Cecil Kennet.

Helen Duncan  -   Woman Materialises In Her Wedding Dress    

More Historic Events

The following Articles were provided by Zerdini and where first published on:

Direct Voice Develops - By AW Austen (Hannan Swaffers Home Circle)   

Flesh and Blood Materialisations
- By Maurice Barbanell   

My Experience with Leslie Flint
- By Alan Crossley  

The Helen Ducan Case
- By Hannan Swaffer  

A Debate On Reincarnation - Between Silver Birch and Hannan Swaffer - By AW Austen.   

One Mans Story of Transition - The Story of Bradshaw.  

Mini Harrison - Materialisation & Voice Seance

The following recordings are by kind permission of Mr Tom Harrison, who recorded his Mother, 'Mini Harrison's,' Christmas Seance in  January 1954 and these are the recordings from that seance.   The 1st part is Independent Direct Voice through the trumpet and can, in places, be a little difficult to hear or understand, the 2nd part however, which is very clear, is from Full Materialised Spirit in Red Light talking to those present.   The Commentary is by Tom.

Please press the links below to listen to these communications:

Part One - Trumpet Communication    

Part Two - Full Materialisation Communication    

Tom's new 240 page book 'Life After Death - Living Proof' is now also available, and gives a definitive account of the Saturday Night Club Circle in the 1940's  and 1950's.    (This was the home circle of Mini Harrison.)  The book is available from either Saturday Night Press Publications, c/o 14 Low Green, Copmanthorpe; YORK, YO23 3SB.   The Cost of the book is £9.95 plus £2 p&p in the UK; £2.75 in the EU; and £4.50 for the rest of the world.   Cheques should be made payable to Tom Harrison.

The book is also available at Major bookshops and on line at amazon.      However, I have recently discovered that all proceeds from the sale of this book and other items, such as recordings and DVD's etc, when purchased through Tom, are placed into a charity fund set up by Tom to help people in extreme need.   So please purchase the book through Tom at the above addrress.   Thank You.

(Posted 1 May 2006)


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