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Bill Forester - Psychic Artist

Although at this moment in time I know very little about Mr. Bill Forester.   I do have an excellent example of his work.   This portrait was given to a lady who went to him for a private sitting, the portrait is of a gentleman called Donald Lloyd who died in 1976.   He was a close friend of the lady concerned, Mrs Eileen E McAlpine.

 This portrait was produced in her presence by Bill Forester in 2002.   Mr. Forester had never met Donald Lloyd and nor did he know or had  met Eileen before the date of the sitting.

 He did say after the sitting, that Donald had walked in with her for the sitting, and that Mr. Forester described his stature accurately.

 Here is a copy of the portrait and a photo of Donald as a comparison.   The photograph was taken some time before his death, and by the time he passed, he had lost some weight.







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