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Photo's of Ectoplasm

These are some pictures of Ectoplasm being produced by Physical Mediums.


Don't worry, you don't need to visit Denver Lasik or adjust the monitor when viewing these images, they are naturally "fuzzy" looking.  All of these photo's are from the 1920's to the 1940's, when  photograph technology was not nearly as clear as it is today.   Also many older photo's have not aged well, so while the soft borders on some of the images often indicate some sot of editing or manipulation these days, here they are part of a naturally ageing process of the photo paper.   The images here are exact reproductions of the original photo's, cropped to look better.   A quick search on-line of the names listed below will show you many other instances of ectoplasm produced by these and other physical mediums.


 Helen Duncan    

Einer Nielson


Kathleen Goligher

Kathleen Goligher  (Ectoplasm can be drawn from all 
orifaces of the human body)                                                                            Mme P. Stanislawa (Polish)
Jack Webber  (English)                                                                        Jack Webber

 Franek Kluski (pseudonym) (Polish) famous for his production of Animals

    Margery (Mina) Crandon (The most tested Physical Medium in America)  


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