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The ancient Greeks used the word krystallos to mean both ice and quartz.   They thought that quartz was simply another form of ice that had become permanently solid.   In to-days world a crystal is commonly considered to be a solid object with symmetrically arranged flat surfaces that meet in straight lines and sharp corners.   Everyone has seen examples of such crystals.   Diamonds, snowflakes and rock salt are among the best known.


The scientific definition of a crystal is based on its internal structure rather than its outward appearance.   All matter on Earth is made up of atoms or, more frequently, combinations of atoms called molecules.   If the molecules of a subject are arranged in a regular repeating pattern, the substance is a crystal.   The segment of the pattern that is repeated over and over is called the unit cell.   The three-dimensional pattern, made up of many unit cells lined up in all directions, is called the crystal lattice. 


The Crystal.


Humanity has been fascinated and drawn to the beauty of the stones since the beginning of civilisation.   Archaeological findings from different places all over the world revealed collections of stones used during different periods.    Ancient writing describes the stones as being powerful and filled with energy.   The stones were known to provide good positive energy while keeping away negative energy which causes disease and suffering.


A crystal is any stone, which is formed by an inner accurate defined structure meaning a strict order of the smallest components in a geometrical crystal lattice.   To this day over 4,000 different crystals have been found.


Many people look at the crystals, and are touched by the incredible beauty that was created by nature.   Many are used in varying functions such as decoration, and jewellery, as a means of money.   Many used them as a healing aid to heal themselves and others.


It is a known fact that crystals store energy.   In the crystal is a rhythmic arrangement of the flow of energy therefore crystals are used by science.   Quartz, used in clocks and computers are responsible for the accurate shift of the indicators of clocks.   The emission of energy from Quartz has been documented in photographs as resembling a white light coming out from the centre.   The energy emanating out of crystals, is clear and interacts with the human aura, this being its contribution to the healing process.


Choosing a Crystal:


We are not sure if you choose the stone of the stone chooses you.   While standing near a selection of stones you may be attracted to one or more.   Take a crystal in your hand and if you feel comfortable with it, it’s yours, if not put it back and try another.   The best way to choose stones is by intuition.   You may be attracted to a stone because of its colour, its form, the feeling it may give you or anything else that makes that stone special in your eyes.


When choosing your stone, choose one that you are attracted to, hold it freely in your hand and see how you feel.   Each crystal has its own energy, therefore find the crystal that feels good and blends with your energies.   Choose the crystal by feeling, form, colour or quality – the intuitive impression is most important.   The crystal should feel alive in your hand and should work in harmony with you.


Using the crystal:


You can use the stones in any way that feels right to you.   Wearing a crystal or keeping it near you creates balance.   You may carry a number of stones with you that you keep together, but if it doesn’t feel right separate them.    Some combinations might work for one person but not for another, again, listen to your intuition.


The use of your stones can be either active or passive.   Passive use is when you put them somewhere and leave them to do their thing, and look at them from time to time. Active use can vary, such as carrying one in your bra or placing one at a point on your body that may need healing.    Sleep with one under you pillow or in your hand whilst sleeping, you may be surprised to find it still in your hand when you wake up.  Of course lots of healers use stones for healing and specific stones for specific ailments.   Some mediums even hold onto a piece of crystal while they are giving their clairvoyance, drawing on the energy of the stone to make a better link with spirit.


Purifying Crystals:


Crystals have travelled a long way before they finally came into your possession.   They have passed through many hands meaning that they have been affected by many kinds of energy, some positive and some negative.   Since the crystal may absorb some of that energy it is recommended that you purify them before using them.


There are no hard and fast rules about cleaning crystals, or one that works better than another.  No time factor are involved only you listening to your inner self.   If you choose to use running water, it’s irrelevant whether you are their for five seconds or five minutes.   Do not think about it just do it.   Obviously some crystals can not be run under water, such as Pyrite, Galena and Hematite or very soft stones as Halite and Sulphur.


Placing you crystals in sunlight or moonlight, but remember that some crystals loose colour if kept out in direct sunlight for too long.  You also bury the stones in the ground, in cases where a stone has absorbed a lot of negativity this method is recommended.   Place stones among flowers.   Since quartz is good for purification, placing you crystal on a quartz cluster or in the centre of a number of generator points, pointing inwards is a wonderful and easy way to purify.



Below is a list of commonly known crystals and their reputed benefits.   Please note that this information is not intended to replace any licensed medical or psychological treatment, and no guarantee is made towards their validity.


* Amethyst:     This purple and white stone is the most valuable form of quartz   Crystal and it is thought to have wonderful healing and cleansing abilities.   It is used to reduce anger and impatience and to ease insomnia and headaches.   It is also used to cleanse other crystals before their use in healing and divination, and is sometimes called the psychic crystal for use in enhancing intuition and ESP.   In magic, wearing an amethyst or using one in a spell will ward of evil.


*          Aquamarine:  Known as the “Water Stone”, it is thought to prevent seasickness, ease water retention and help purify drinking water.   Aquamarine is also used for its calming, uplifting properties and ability to help release anxiety, fear and restlessness.


*          Bloodstone:     As the name suggests, this crystal is thought to cleanse the blood.   It is also believed to create courage and help people face difficulties calmly.


*          Carnelian:      Thought to be good for the circulatory, reproductive and digestive     systems and to help stimulate libido, energy and fertility, as well as boost confidence and drive.


* Coral:                       Thought to be a good aid to digestion and to encourage self-esteem and positive thinking.


*          Diamond:       Believed to stimulate a powerful sense of direction in life and helps strengthen ones courage.


*          Emerald:         The stone of true love, emerald is thought to generate insight into a relationship – which may or may not be welcome.   It is also thought to bestow psychic ability, heal inflammation and promote a feeling of inner peace and relaxation.


*          Garnet:           This stone is said to be good for balancing sexual problems.   Both overactive sexuality and repressed urges are thought to benefit from the power of garnet.   It is also thought to encourage assertiveness and to help regularise blood pressure.


*          Jade:               Said to be good for the heart, Thymus, immune system and kidneys and for cleansing the blood and the nervous system.   Jade is thought to help promote courage, knowledge, justice, compassion, emotional balance, humility, generosity, harmony, wealth and longevity.   It remains the crystal most revered by the Chinese, where it is believed by some, to be of divine origin.   In magic, jade is used to help remember dreams and to use them to solve problems.


*          Kunzite:          Discovered in 1902, this stunning pink stone is thought to be superb for women with gynaecological problems, and for women seeking to come to terms with all aspects of their sexuality.   It is believed to be a reassuring, healing and calming stone.




* Lazuli:          Honoured as a royal stone by the ancients, this blue and gold stone has always been used to help create a link between reality and the realm of intuition.   Egyptian high priests used to wear it ground up as eye makeup and in jewellery during rituals.   It is thought to be good for anyone undergoing spiritual awakening or instruction in a particular religion.  


*          Malachite:       Said to be good for the stomach, liver, kidney stones, respiratory system, immune system, vision and the circulatory system.   It is often used to help ease pain, inflammation, depression and anger, and to stimulate psychic vision and concentration.


*          Opal:               The common misconception that Opal is unlucky is due to Sir Walter Scott’s fiction story ‘Anne of Gererstein’, but opal is in fact considered to have profound magical, spiritual and healing powers.   Opals are said to enhance intuition and positive beliefs as well as bring luck and money to business leaders.   They are also thought to reveal the state of your physical and emotional energy, being dull when energy is low and brilliant when it is high.


*          Pearl:              Thought to be a gem of hope and inner strength.   If a pearl loses its lustre, it is unlikely to regain it or attract good energy; crystal enthusiasts believe when it has lost its life force a pearl becomes dull.


*          Quartz:            Generally a term for a number of crystals, including amethyst and topaz, but clear quartz is a substance used to make crystal balls.   Rose quartz is thought to have special powers to attract affection and is used in love spells or at times of high emotion, like the break up of a relationship or bereavement.   Along with amethyst, no person serious about crystals would be without this versatile, powerful stone, believed to emit a form of electrical energy that helps stimulate psychic powers.   Many people believe that wearing quartz crystals benefits a person’s health and spiritual wellbeing.   Quartz is typically used to rid and environment of unhealthy vibrations and electromagnetic toxins.   In magic, quartz is used as a protective amulet against evil and for spells.   For centuries quartz has been used to enhance a person’s ability to foretell the future.


*          Ruby:              Thought to boost blood circulation and to attract love, courage, confidence, vitality, stamina and strength, and to help one triumph over adversity.


*          Sapphire:        Thought to be a stone of control and can help you overcome temptation and guide your thought to higher things.   Also thought to be good for reducing fever.


*          Tourmaline:   Thought to be a stone of transition, both physical and emotional, and to help people through the process of birth, menopause and death, as well as other rites of passage.   It is believed to be good for people who feel the world is against them and for those who have a great need to forgive – especially themselves.


*          Turquoise:      An ancient symbol of the sky, this stone is thought to benefit lungs and throat, and because it contains a good deal of copper it is believed to be a superb conductor for the healing force.   It is also good for those terrified of speaking in public or of appearing physically or emotionally weak.


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