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These Mysterious People

The following stories are of true events, that were written by Nandor Fodor and enclosed into a book called "These Mysterious People".   I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I did.


Forward By Fodor



Nandor Fodor


          THE TWENTY-FIVE articles published in this book were originally written for Northcliffe Newspapers, Ltd. They first appeared in the "Bristol Evening World" in April and May, 1934. Their claim on the interest of the book-reading public lies in the fact that they fill a gap. Although Psychical Research and Spiritualism has a vast literature no single book has yet presented, in the form of short narratives, the stories of famous mediums of the past and present. I wish to stress that these narratives were written for the general public. It was my purpose to show that there are true stories which vie in fascination with the most popular thrillers. Also that it is time enough to know of the existence of such mysteries and the attempts at their unveiling by men of science.

My quotations are strictly accurate. Those desiring general and specific information on the subjects involved should consult my "Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science" in which, under alphabetical headings, they will find summaries of all the experimental findings of Psychical Research and its history.

Nandor Fodor, L.L.D.
London, September 1st.








25.   The Spirit which made a "Talkie".  (The Story of Mrs. Meuig Morris)  (PDF File)


24.   Tested by Infra-Red photography.  (The Story of Rudi Schneider)  (PDF File) 


23.   Finger printing the Spirits of the Dead.  (The Story of Mrs. Margery Crandon)  (PDF File)


22.   Being the Instruments of "Spirit Majic".   (The Story of The Davenport Brothers)   (PDF File) 


21.   Possessed with the power over the soul of things.   (The Story of Stanislawa Tomczyk)  (PDF File)


20.   He convinced Gladstone of the Supernatural.   (The Story of William Eglington)   (PDF File) 


19.   Witchcraft made Science  (The Story of Eusapia Paladino)  (PDF File) 


18.   She was tortured by Demons (The Story of Ester Cox)  (PDF File) 


17.   From Medium to Genius (The Story of Jesse Francis Grierson Shepard)   (PDF File) 


16.   Reading the newspaper before it is printed.   (The Story of Mrs. Osbourne Leonard)   (PDF File)


15.   The Medium of Kings and Queens of Mediums.   (The Story of DD Home) (PDF File) 


14.   She convinced Sir Oliver Lodge of Survival.  (The Story Eleonore E. Piper) (PDF File


13.   The chosen Vessel of Malachias the Prophet.  (The Story of William Stainton Moses)  (PDF File)


12.   The Mouthpiece of one of three wise men.  (The Story of David Duguid)   (PDF File)


11.   The Story that Started it all.  (The Story of The Fox Sisters) (PDF File) 


10.  He Who Has Twins (The Story of Francis Monck)  (PDF File) 


9.    Waking Up and Saving the Lost Souls of the Dead (The Story of Dr and Mrs Carl A Wickland) (PDF) 


8.    Visions and Predictions of the Ploughkeepsie seer (The Story of Andrew Jackson Davis) (PDF File) 


7.    His Body was Autographed by Invisible People (The Story of Charles Foster) (PDF File) 


6.    Strange Beasts from Beyond (The Story of Franek Kluski) (PDF File)


5.    How Sir William Crookes Came to Believe in Spirits (The Story of Florence Cook) (PDF File) 


4.     A Martian Revelation  (The Story of Helen Smith) (PDF File) 


3.    The Voice of Confucious    (A Story of George Valiantine) (PDF File)


2.    Competing With A Cheshire Cat  (A Story of Madame Elizabeth d'Esperance) (PDF file) 


1.      Riding the Air     (PDF file)


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