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Jo Bradley - Physical Medium

Jo Bradley is a physical medium, still under development, but has made great leaps and bounds over the past five years.  Below is a link to one of Jo's many videos, filmed by Norman Hutt, showing the growth of an Ectoplasmic Voice Box on the side of her neck and shoulder.  

The Physic News Campaign "Lets turn up the Heat"  is encouraging the use of this method of videoing seances, to show what is being done in the seance room. This video goes a long way to illustrate the use of thermal imaging technology. just click on the link above Jo's Picture, to be taken to the U Tube Video, 

If you expand your  U Tube picture to full screen, it will be seen much clearer, showing the voice box growing on here right shoulder, the left as you look at it.

Expt 2B
Jo in overhead white light









The Australian Australian Academy of Spirit has asked if they can use the video to push the campaign forward to.


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