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"Is there an Afterlife"


Author:   Professor David Fontana


Seeking out the most illuminating and most reliable souces in order to assess the evidence can be time consuming and needs guidence.   Here we have a uniquely comprehensive review of the investigations by researches from the 1880's, up to the present day. 

Every form of psychic evidence is represented, including the recent phenomena of EVP.

The author presents the facts and allows them to speak for themselves, without attempting to coerce the reader in one direction.   Nevertheless, this wise and profound overview, will leave few open-minded readers in doubt as to the very positive implications.

This book will surely become a classic and is of equal value to those with little knowledge of the subject of the afterlife, or with those with much experience.

This review by:  Mrs Eileen E McAlpine


The book is published and available through O-books.   The ISBN Number is: 190381690-4

It is also available from most Major Book stockists as well as Amazon Books over the internet.


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