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Kathleen Barkel - Physical Medium

Mrs Kathleen Barkel, Physical medium, Kathleen Barkel was born in Westminster in 1844 and was educated in a Roman Catholic Convent in London.  She had psychic gifts from childhood,  and her mediumship began to develop in 1922.   For years she worked at the British College of Psychic Science.  

Sitters often used to receive beautifully cut stones as apports, and the only physical indication that Mrs Barkel had, that an apport seance would shortly take place, was the curious fact that for days beforehand, her body began to swell.   At the end of the seance her body would resume its normal size.   Maurice Barbanell's theory was that her body, somehow stored the ectoplasm required to re-materialise the objects after they had been brought through the atmosphere, doubtless in their atomic form.
   Her guide, White Hawk,  who would place Mrs Barkles hand over that of  the sitters, where the stone would grow in between them.

White Hawk was instrumental in convincing Maurice Barbanell that spirit guides collaborated with one another to bring evidence through.   White Hawk confirmed powerful evidence that Barbanell had received through another well known guide.   Mrs Barkel also worked jointly with her husband doing healing, and jointly with her daughter in Direct Voice seances.

White Hawk, a Native American Indian and Chief of a Sioux tribe, claimed to have lived on the Earth plane over 800 years ago.