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Apport's are, one of the most baffling phenomena in spiritualism which are brought into the seance room by spirit operators.   These objects can be almost anything, inanimate or living and appear none the worse for their strange journey.   Most common objects are coins, historic relics, jewellery and flowers.   There has even been a live dove, which as time went on became a favorite object of our invisible spirit operators.    Sometimes, these objects are given to sitters as gifts and may or may not disappear again.


The scientist however, seems unable to get his head around the de-materialisation of matter and re-materialisation back into the seance room, rather believing in a fourth dimension theory which advocates a higher form of space that we are not familiar with.   The objects are lifted into this dimension, brought to the desired spot and then placed back into our three dimensional world.


According to spirit helpers, they, by an act of will power, disintegrate the object that is to be transported into its molecular elements without altering its form, in this state the matter may pass through any other matter and become re-integrated be a second act of will-power, de-materialisation and re-materialisation.


A similar effect is the passage of matter through matter which a number of physical mediums demonstrate during their seances.   David Thompson for instance starts a seance with a cardigan on, which is the correct way round.   He's then tied to the chair with plastic tie straps, the straps going round his wrists and over the sleeves of the cardigan.   He always comes out of the seance with the cardigan on the wrong way around and the tie straps intact.   These are always inspected before and after the seance by the same persons.


Stewart Alexandra, shows the passage of matter through matter in all of his seances, with his spirit helpers passing the ties that are tying him to the chair by the wrists, through the chair.   He then gives the strap to the person who helped with the experiment, while pointing out that it is still intact and not in any way broken.   Seconded by the person watching the demonstration.


Asports are the reverse of Apport phenomena.   The disappearance of objects from the seance room to another room or place.   It is believed that it is seldom attempted as an independant demonstartion and may more often form part of an apport manifestation.


Credits:   Nandor Fodor - Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science


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