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An Open Air Seance

Leaves from the Book of Memory (1)

By Ernest Oaten (Former editor of "Two Worlds")

An Open Air Séance

SPIRIT communications are often received under very strange and sometimes amusing conditions.

It is surprising how the hour of extreme need brings help.

One of the most interesting spirit conversations I ever had left a deep impression on my mind.

The circumstances were as follows: -
A murder had been committed in a country district some miles out of the town where I resided.

The authorities seemed baffled, and without saying a word to a soul, four of us decided to make our own investigation.

Accordingly, in the late evening we journeyed out to the scene of the tragedy.

We were all members of a regular home circle, and one of us had developed some excellent trance mediumship. It was not of the test variety.

The lad was very lacking in education, but in the trance state was capable of speaking the most elegant English.

He frequently used words of which he had not the slightest knowledge, and used them correctly and was capable of dealing with philosophic and scientific questions in a technical manner far beyond his normal education.

Well, this young medium had already done a twelve-hour day at his work, entailing heavy manual labour, and was certainly tired when we started on our quest.

The scene gave us a five-mile walk from the tram terminus. There were no motorbuses in those days.

Arriving at the scene of the tragedy, we made our investigations.

The murder was enacted just as had been described in the press, but we got a vivid description and the Christian name of the individual who had committed the crime.

We said nothing to anyone, but some months later the criminal was discovered, and the facts we had privately obtained were verified by the evidence.

Having finished our investigations, we made for the local railway station, just in time to see the last train disappear. There was nothing for it but a five-mile walk back to the tram, and our medium was so tired that he urged us to go on and leave him to drag his way at his own pace.

We sat on a seat at the railway station, trying to make up our minds what to do when our young friend manifested signs of trance, and there in the dim light of late evening began to talk to us.

We discussed the position with his guide, who said, ‘I can walk him twenty miles if need be, now I am in charge. All you have to do is to walk beside him. I will take him to the tram, but please do not talk either about the medium or his tiredness. Let us talk on other topics."

One of the company put a question as to the nature of life in the spirit world

The medium, still in the deep trance and with his eyes closed, rose to his feet and during the five-mile tramp, which took us an hour and a half, he expounded to us the nature of certain states of life in the spirit world.

Only when we got him on the tram was he allowed to wake up, and great was his surprise to find himself back in the city.


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