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An African Adventure with Alex Harris

 Part one.   

At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. H.
Saturday, February 1958, Pretoria, South Africa

(All names are shown in Initials to protect the privacy of those taking part).

Our party of eleven, Mr. and Mrs. C., and J.M., Mr. and Mrs. R. of D .... Street, Mr. and Mrs., Miss. Ida Bagot-Smith and Mrs. T.B., and Mrs. M.M., Mrs. Dolly F., and  myself. Herbert, my husband, kindly gave up his place to Miss Ida Bagot-Smith.

Dear little Sonny Boy appeared and said that he does not like to talk about himself, so "Aunty Louie" must tell us what he does. Then Rohan, master of ceremonies, appeared and told us what to do: not to grip their hands and also not to ask, "Who are you?" but say, "God bless you dear soul; we are pleased to meet you; how are you, etc.?"

Then dear White Wing appeared and spoke to Mrs. H., thanking her for her faithfulness and then blessed Mr. J.M. and C.M.'s hands and did certain signs on their joint hands giving them power for their work and healing. C.M. said that White Wing put his plait of hair across her hands.

Then Mr.'s father came. Then Mrs. C.J.'s husband came and we could see his spectacles. They had a wonderful talk.

Then!! our beloved Dockie came and said to Mrs. H., "I see you have got my crowd here tonight." He touched all our hands and said, "How lovely to see you all" and greeted by name, C., Dolly, M., and Ida and myself.

Then Doc called me out and said, "Grace, stand here." Doc took my hands and placed them on my chest. Doc said, "I will take something from you, and he pulled at my belt.

I thought he wanted my belt so I said, "Do you want my belt?" Doc replied, "No."

Then I said, "Do you want my brooch?" Doc said "No."

And then I looked down and he took yards of ectoplasm from my solar plexus and draped it over my head and shoulders to my feet and said to Ida, "Ida, hold this." Ida held it and Doc said, "Feel this."

Ida told me afterwards she was thrilled and the material felt like soft, silky cottonwool, very fine in texture.

Then Doc himself turned me round and said, "Can you all see?"

All responded and said, "Yes Doc."

They all told me afterwards that I was draped exactly as the spirits were when they came out of the cabin and it was beautiful to see. I, of course, only felt the material over my head. A part hung over my right eye and I could not see through it, but was able to see with my left eye.

Then Doc said, "Stand very still Grace. I must put all this back again," and he placed his hands on my solar plexus and it was drawn into my physical body.

Doc said, "Some will be taken for healing purposes for someone very ill in hospital. You will be tired Grace, but will soon make it up and you will get healing too." -- which I did, thank God.

Bob MacDonald-Bayne, Doc's son, wrote to me in reply to my letter telling him about this incident of Doc taking some of my ectoplasm to heal someone. This someone was Doc's son, Bob, who was at that particular time in hospital in London with stones in his kidney (they showed in the X-ray the doctors had taken). In his letter Bob said, "Ha! Ha!, so I have got some of your stuffing in me." The doctors had taken a second X-ray and to their surprise, there was no sign of the stones and no operation was performed on Bob.

The day after this incident of Doc taking some of my ectoplasm, I was extremely tired and slept the whole day. The following day I was very well.

A beautiful soul appeared, tall in physique, with a long black plait of hair down his back and a round black cap on his head. He said he was Ida's guide and his name was See Long. He brought her courage to persevere with her healing -- a lovely soul.

Then Auronama, a wonderful soul, guide of Mr. R., from Astara , came with her hands outstretched together, holding in her palms a lovely, bluish, greenish light, about as big as an electric bulb. She lit up his face, then his heart. The colour of the light reminded me of glow worms. Auronama then told Mr. R. to stand in front and told him that this was the Healing Light, given to him for his healing. I heard Mr. R. say, "How can I thank you?" and Auronama said, "Words, words, no thanks. You have long worked for this and now in your developing silent healing circle you will get results. Place your hand on their side and healing will come."

Oh! it was a wonderful sight to behold, such a beautiful soul, so peaceful and lovely as she held the light in her hands. I could see her beautiful face. As she disappeared she stretched out her right arm above her head and gave us all her blessing and the Hailing sign.

Mrs. G.'s friend came and called himself R., and it was too lovely when they had finished talking; he stretched out his arm and said to her, "To see you safely to your seat."

Joachim also appeared. He sang his trio of "True Love" with P. and Mrs. H and he kissed and joked with Mrs. C.J. Joachim also asked for any other lady and he kissed me. Then he gave his blessing and vanished.

At the beginning, Mr. H. [our medium] appeared with one of the dear spirit friends so one could see the two of them standing there - one of the spirits robed in white and Mr. H. robed in black, with his bare chest showing.

C.M.'s grandfather built up, stouter and stouter. He called to her and spoke in Afrikaans to her and gave her his blessing and said she would be blessed looking after her mother.

Then Dolly F.'s father came; a lovely, tall soul with a Swiss accent. He looked like Dolly with dark hair, long features, and nose and brown eyes. He embraced his loving daughter in his arms and said, "Dearest Dolly, my child, I told you I would come to you." (He had passed over ten years ago.) Dolly laid her head on his shoulder and they just hugged and loved each other -- a beautiful sight of love. Dolly was overcome and could not cease talking about it. We all saw her father. God bless him and Dolly. Dolly asked him if he was happy and he said he was very happy, but was only happy when she was happy.

Mrs. H. spoke to Sonny Boy who had materialised and said, " 'Aunty Louie', Ginger (his little friend who was killed in a motor car accident in London) wanted to come and materialise, but the Chemists and Scientists would not let him. He said that if he did not come next time, there would be a 'hell of a row'." We all burst out laughing -- it was so unexpected. Then Sonny Boy said the meeting must close.

Mrs. H. prayed too beautifully for words and thanked God the Father for all his Love and prayed for all the sick and suffering on the earth, and blessed our dear Spirit friends -- a wonderful prayer. Our Father was said by all in deep reverence. The atmosphere was too beautiful for words and conditions splendid (Auronama also put a light on the ceiling and said, "the Flame of Light"). Auronama is Mr. R.'s guide. She is a Master and "Astara" sent her name to Mr. R.

Mrs. C.J. was telling us a wonderful healing of the H.'s in their own private circle, of Major B. who was not expected to live and given up by all doctors in J'burg. Yet the night after the H.'s healing circle Major B. got out of bed, healed, and the following night caught a plane to England.

My dear, dear guide came, a middle-aged, gentle soul, full of love; said he was my guide and his name was Patau. Patau, is like a French name. He said Dr Bayne had sent him and that often, when Doc was very busy, Patau did his healing. He had healed a lot of the trouble in my spine and in my neck. He also helped me through Dr L., and was still healing and helping my trouble in the bones of my neck and spine and said I would get healed. In sleep he watched over me to see that my head was relaxed and that I did not twist my head or neck. He placed his dear healing hand on my neck for a while (which I must admit was aching and rather taut) and I felt a glow of heat there. Patau said that Dr Bayne had told him to tell me to give all students his Love and that Doc was very busy healing, teaching and lecturing and was always ready to help his students when in trouble or ill health. Patau blessed me and kissed my hands, bowed and said, "Saalame" and said, "God bless you my child. I will watch over you." I was thrilled and awed and thanked him from the bottom of my heart and asked Our Father's Blessing and care upon him.

God bless his dear soul -- my guide Patau.



Grace and Herbert


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