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An African Adventure Part Three - With Alex Harris

 Part Three



October 1959, Pretoria

Herbert and myself were waiting to be taken by friends to J'burg to visit Mr. and Mrs. H. [the mediums] at their residence.

While waiting I went out in the garden and plucked a pink rosebud from the rose bush in our garden and put it in my brooch, which was pinned on my dress. In doing this my thoughts travelled to the year of 1947, when we gave a party in honour of Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne's birthday -- 21st June, 1947 -- in the Baker's memorial hall at the Sunnyside School, Rissik Street.

There were approximately 100 guests (I have a flash light photo of this event). We were sitting at the main table. I was near "Doc" (as we termed him). When his birthday cake was cut, Doc took a beautiful pink rosebud, made of icing sugar and gave it to me. I appreciated his loving act and I kept this iced pink rosebud for months.

Doc passed over on February 26, 1955.

Well we arrived at the H.'s residence at 7.30 p.m., and were introduced to approximately 15 other people. When the sitting began in the Sanctuary, many different beloved ones from the other side materialised, and spoke to their loved ones on earth.

Dolly Freitag's father, Mr. T. came again and caressed his daughter, speaking in English to her and to Henry F. in Deutsche-Swiss.

Jimmy's guide, Dr. S., came and spoke to him and demonstrated the ectoplasm of Jimmy and robed him with it and showed it to the various sitters for them to touch.

The scientist came and called to Herbert and gave him a healing treatment. After, others appeared, Herbert's father, James, came and spoke to him, and we saw his moustache. Herb said it was just the same as when his father was on earth. Herb asked his father how Ma and Tom were, and his father replied, "They told me, (and Tom, Herb's brother), to come and see you here. Herb asked his father about the place where they lived on earth at .... . J. replied, "Yes! we were just talking about Graaff R. and the C. road days the other day."

Unfortunately, owing to Herbert being hard of hearing, Herb did not hear all his father said, as his father spoke into the right ear of Herb and spoke for quite a few seconds. Herb's father blessed his son, and as he was going, he grasped Herb's hand, and as he was saying goodbye, he kissed Herb's hand. I shall never forget it -- such a lovely gracious act.

Many others came and my thoughts were still thinking of Herb's father, when I heard Mrs. H. saying, "I know who this dear soul is."

I looked up, (as I was sitting away next to the wall at the side of the curtain in the front row) and there right in front of me, fully mateialised, stood our dear Doc MacDonald-Bayne.

I was thrilled to see him (as I was not at that moment thinking of him). I rose to my feet and said, "Dockie, Dockie, how wonderful to see you again."

Doc embraced and kissed me. Doc, when I asked him how he was, replied "fine and very busy." Doc said, "You are well Grace," I replied, "Yes! Thank God."

I said, "Dockie, I now wish to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of all students and myself for what you have done for us and the rich heritage of your books you have left us on this earth.

Then I said, "Oh! Doc. I do miss you terribly."

Doc replied, "Grace you must realize, I am nearer to you all now than on earth. I am doing the same work, teaching and healing and I am backwards and forwards often in this cabin, but I do not always appear as I am too busy."

I said, "Doc, I am doing now, what you asked us to do, when you were on earth."

Doc patted me on my shoulder and said, "Grace, you are an apt pupil."

I replied, "Doc, I am trying, but I fail so often; suppose I am only human."

Doc said, "Grace what did you learn as regards my lectures, that there is no real word such as 'failure'."

I replied, "Yes! Doc, I remember." I said, "Doc, I actually dreamt of you some time ago, but I can only remember vaguely parts of the dream."

Doc replied, "Yes, I know," and touched the right side of my temple with his forefinger and said, "Grace I am trying to get your head right, so you will remember."

It sounded funny, I could not help laughing and Doc laughed too (it was too lovely to hear his laugh again -- a gurgling mischief laugh like he had on earth: I should say an infectious laugh).

I replied, "Oh, Doc, it would be fine if I could remember."

Doc said, "Many of your students attend my classes on the Astral plane."

I said, "Oh! how lovely. I only wish I could remember and bring the experience through."

I said I had written to his son, and I was glad to see (Doc) your books published again and on the shelves in the book shops, and I asked him if his last two books would be published again. Doc did not reply.

Then I suddenly said, "Doc, do you remember, while on earth, the incident of the iced pink rosebud that was on your birthday cake?"

Doc replied, "Aye I do," and Doc then touched the rosebud on my dress. I quickly took it out of my brooch and said it was like this and I gave it to him.

He held it in his fingers and said, "Grace, is this for me?"

I replied, "Yes! Dockie, for you with all my love."

Doc then lifted his ectoplasm silky white robe, and took the pink real rosebud and said, "Grace, I shall place this rosebud under my heart and always keep it there as a spiritual link between us."

I was so amazed, as I realized I was talking to a materialised Dockie. Doc then said, "I must go now, so long for now Grace," and he disappeared.

I stood, then sat down and just wondered about it all.

I am only relating briefly the experiences of others and myself there, and many I have not even mentioned here. When the sitting was over, about 10.30 p.m., we left the Sanctuary and went to the lounge for tea and sandwiches.

Phyllis C., their niece (being unwell) was not present, but her husband, T., was present. Dolly and I and Mrs. H. helped with the tea. I specially asked Mr. and Mrs. H. (the mediums) to please see if Doc had left the pink rosebud in the Sanctuary. When I phoned the next day Mr. H. answered and said they had searched everywhere and Doc must have dematerialised it and taken it with him. Mr. H. said this also happened long ago in Cardiff, a similar instance took place. He said we must now see, when we go again (probably next year), if Doc may materialise it and we will then note that it would be as fresh as the day I plucked it in the garden.

Months passed when Herbert and myself went over again during winter to the H.'s residence for a materialisation. In fact, I had nearly forgotten about the incident of the pink rosebud, when Behold! dear Dockie came for a little while and called to me to come from my seat and gave me a dear little pink rosebud.

I said, "Oh! Dockie, where did you get this real little pink rosebud from?"

Doc said, "Never mind Grace dear, it is yours with fond love from me."

I kept it as long as I could and then pressed some of the petals, when it began to wither, between the pages of a book.

Grace and Herbert


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