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An African Adventure - With Alex Harris

Part Two.


Wednesday, May 1958

I had arranged for a party of ten from Pretoria to meet at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. H., the mediums. Others were there, so there were approximately sixteen folk. 

Rohan from the other side appeared and gave necessary instructions. Then Sonny Boy materialised and his little friend, Ginger. Ginger said that it was his own bloody fault that he was killed in London by a bus.

Joachim appeared. Mr. P. C-J appeared and Herbert said he could actually see his spectacles on his nose. He had manifested so clearly. He came and spoke to Mrs. H. sitting next to me and said how sorry he was over V.'s (his wife on earth) mishap and said they were giving her all the healing they could. So Mrs. H. said, "We want her to come and stay with us." He replied he would be most grateful to them, if they could persuade her to come and stay with them.

Then Dockie came, and when Mrs. H. said, "Whom are you seeking, dear friend?" he replied, "A friend, that's why I'm here."

I did not recognise him and he came to me and took my hands and said, "Surely I was with you too long for you not to know who I am."

I immediately recognised his voice and exclaimed, "Dockie, Dockie!"

He said, "Tell Bert."

I turned round and called, "Herbert, come, it's Dockie," and Herbert and I both saw his face clearly. Herbert, even days afterwards, said that he had seen Doctor Murdo MacDonald's face quite clearly -- only it was (deathly) white.

I quickly asked Doc if he had seen his sister, Flora. He replied, "Yes, but very seldom."

Then I asked if he ever saw Geshi Rimpoche, the Master he wrote about in his two books, "Beyond the Himalayas" and "The Yoga of the Christ." (I often saw a glimpse of this Master, quite clearly in the transfiguration, when this Master overshadowed Doctor in his lectures here in Sanlam Buildings in Pretoria.)

Doc replied, "Yes, I have seen him, but he works in other realms."

Then I hastily asked Doc if he could not materialise to me without me coming over to J'burg to a materialised medium. Doc replied and said, "Yes, when I have got more power, I will do so."

I said, "Doc, give me an identification sign." Doc then with his hand and two forefingers, stroked my forehead in line with my nose from the top of the forehead, down, twice, and also the same to Herbert, and said, "This will be the sign. I will not startle you, but I will do this to you and you will feel it on your forehead and you will know it is me."

I was thrilled and happy and very grateful.

Doc then said, "Tell all whom I knew on earth plane that I am very busy in many circles all over the world, helping and healing wherever I can, and please give them my love."

Doc then suddenly disappeared. It just seems as though they are drawn away. Some spirits seem to dwindle down into the floor before one's eyes.

Dolly F.'s father appeared and spoke to her and Henry. He told us that he had actually felt on his hands the hard skin, like corns, bumps or welts which he had on his hands while on earth and Henry said he recognised his broad hands and saw his face. Nora saw her grandfather quite clearly. Nora also saw her friend who went to school with her.

A couple from Durban saw their little daughter who was nine years of age. I heard her say to her mother and father, "I feel like crying but my nurse is so kind and good to me. And mummie, you must not tear those letters I wrote to you, and have I not grown since I was with you?" The father told me he had positive proof it was his little daughter who had passed over two years ago and he was very happy and deeply grateful to Almighty God for this experience.

(I've also heard from Y.W. that a doctor of J'burg, whose only little son of nine years of age was killed this year by a crocodile on the north coast of Durban -- it was recorded in all the newspapers -- had been to the H.'s [the mediums] with his wife and sat in the circle. They both declare they too have got positive proof that their only child had materialised and spoke to them.)

I phoned Mrs. C-J and enquired how she was two days after May 7, and she told me herself that, although she broke her left arm and cracked up the bone and piece of the bone had chipped off, according to X-ray, the specialist and doctor thought they would have to give her morphia for some days, but they were very surprised as she had NO pain and healing was taking place nicely. Mrs. C-J attributed it to the healing ray given by the Scientists and doctors on the other side -- at our sitting the Scientist shone the light (a greenish blue) inside his solar plexus and lit it up and then dimmed it. Then he appeared again and again lit up his heart centre, and then carried the light in his cupped hands. It was very beautiful to behold. Then he shone a light on the ceiling behind the black curtain. Phyllis C. told me it was the psychic Healing Ray.

It was all a wonderful phenomenon.



Grace and Herbert


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