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Derek Acorah - Medium

Derek Acorah


Derek Acorah, was born in Bootle a suburb of Liverpool, in the 1940’s, and has been aware of his spiritual gift from a very early age.   When he saw his Grandfather, who was in spirit, he told his Grandmother of this, but she was not surprised and encouraged him with his gifts.


However, like all young boys in Liverpool, Football was a bit of a priority, which also got him into some trouble when his friend Jimmy Jones broke one of the windows of his house and ran away and left Derek to take the blame.   However, his ambitions edged him towards a football career with Liverpool Football Team.   He was successful and actually got on to Bill Shankley’s Golden Team.   Regrettably he never got to play in the first eleven and remained a reserve player.   He then moved to Australia were he played professionally for a number of years, but due to injury, he had to give up football.


During all this time he never lost his ability as a medium, and often scared the pants of some of his team mates, giving them little messages from spirit.  


After moving back to Liverpool, Derek was conducting one-to-one sittings, initially from a small shop premises in the Wavertree area of Liverpool and then subsequently from his office in Liverpool City Centre, nobody dreamed that the cheeky, cheerful Scouse medium would one day grace their television screens. One or two noted mediums on Liverpool circuit knew that Derek "had something special" and what spirit had lined up for him.    It was Lilian Star who first told him "I can see your name in lights". In those days Derek was surprised and wondered what on earth she meant. He had no idea that Mrs. Star's words would one day come true.


It was a number of years later, as Derek’s popularity grew, a researcher for Granada Breeze, the satellite arm of Granada Television in Manchester, telephoned Derek.    She said that she worked on a programme called "Livetime".    That it was ‘National Tea Week’ the following week, and she thought that it would be a good idea to have a psychic on to the programme to talk about the reading of tea leaves. "Sorry, I don’t read tea leaves" was Derek's response. The researcher, deaf to the finer points of Spiritual, or psychic abilities, explained that her aunt had visited Derek at his office and had received a superb, one-to-one reading.    In her aunt’s opinion, Derek was the only one who would be able to do the programme any justice.


From that small show, which actually went on for five years, Derek Acorah’s life changed, He went on to be ITV’s Medium of Choice for many shows, and then on to became the international super star and medium that we all know today.


Credits:           The Derek Acorah Website:

                        The Psychic World of Derek Acorah (His First Book)


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